Adjectives for Ability

Adjectives For Ability

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ability, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'ability' can significantly alter its meaning, highlighting various aspects of skill or talent. A 'great ability' implies a high level of proficiency, while a 'mental ability' focuses on cognitive skills. Emphasizing 'own ability' suggests a personal strength or capability, whereas 'intellectual ability' showcases one's reasoning and thinking skills. The term 'natural ability' suggests an innate talent, and 'general ability' refers to a broader, less specialized skill set. Each adjective nuances 'ability' in a unique way, offering insight into the type or level of competence. Discover the full spectrum of descriptors and the shades of meaning they add to 'ability' below.
greatShowing great ability she ran to the finish line.
mentalThey used their mental ability to solve the puzzle.
ownI believe in my own ability to succeed.
intellectualIndividuals with exceptional intellectual ability should be provided opportunities to maximize their potential.
naturalHis natural ability in basketball allowed him to excel in the sport.
generalHer general ability surprised everyone.
greaterWith his greater ability he easily solved the difficult puzzle.
highThe student with high ability excelled in all of his classes.
cognitiveHer cognitive ability allowed her to learn new languages quickly.
limitedHis limited ability surprised his team during the championship.
remarkableThe child displayed a remarkable ability to focus and learn.
superiorShe was a student of superior ability
executiveHer executive ability enabled her to rise quickly through the ranks.
verbalHer verbal ability was impressive, allowing her to communicate effectively and persuade others effortlessly.
averageThe player had average ability but a strong work ethic.
creativeHer creative ability is evident in her intricate paintings.
considerableShe displayed considerable ability in her artistic endeavors.
administrativeShe demonstrated excellent administrative ability in managing the office.
exceptionalHer exceptional ability in mathematics astounded her teachers.
physicalHis physical ability is exceptional.
technicalHer technical ability was evident in her ability to troubleshoot complex systems.
unusualThe unusual ability to sing in multiple languages was a testament to her extraordinary talent.
innateThe young prodigy exhibited an innate ability for painting at an early age.
lowA low ability student may struggle with a chapter in an academic textbook.
specialJohn has a special ability to solve complex problems quickly.
musicalThat young man's musical ability is quite impressive for his age.
uncannyThe child had an uncanny ability to predict the future.
muchHe had much ability and an infinite patience.
uniqueHe demonstrated a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life.
extraordinaryHer extraordinary ability on math astonished her teacher.
spatialSpatial ability is the capacity to understand spatial relationships and is essential for tasks like navigation and understanding maps.
financialThe company has the financial ability to acquire new assets.
academicHer daughter showed exceptional academic ability in her history class.
artisticMary's artistic ability enables her to create beautiful paintings.
nativeWith his native ability in playing piano, he easily impressed the audience.
athleticThe player's exceptional athletic ability was on display during the game.
literaryHis novel showcases his significant literary ability
outstandingShe demonstrated outstanding ability in her research.
functionalThe patient's functional ability has improved since the surgery.
mathematicalAlice demonstrated strong mathematical ability in solving the complex equations.
mechanicalAlex's mechanical ability helped him fix the car engine.
markedShe showed a marked ability for playing the piano.
equalThey showed equal ability in solving the problem.
practicalJohn has excellent practical ability which enables him to quickly solve problems.
rareShe had the rare ability to empathize with people from all walks of life.
linguisticHis linguistic ability was impressive.
solvingHe has improved his solving ability by studying advanced books.
potentialA child with a potential ability to play the violin at the highest level.
predictiveThe AI's predictive ability is impressive.
competitiveThe company's competitive ability is highly valued by customers.
relativeHer relative ability helped her to do well in the exam.
managerialMr. Jackson's managerial ability secured him the position of CEO.
inherentHer inherent ability helped her to excel in the competition.
organizationalHer organizational ability helped her manage the project efficiently.
professionalHer professional ability is well-known in this company.
sufficientThey had sufficient ability to win the game.
amazingThe student has an amazing ability to learn new languages quickly.
mixedThe students enjoyed a mixed ability learning environment.
overallHer overall ability as an athlete was impressive.
makingShe showed her making ability through her painting.
psychicHer psychic ability has helped her find lost objects for many years.
apparentThe investigator was impressed with the suspect's apparent ability to outsmart the security system.
scholasticHer scholastic ability amazed her teachers.
analyticalJack demonstrated an exceptional analytical ability in his research report.
enhancedThe new device comes with enhanced ability to handle complex operations.
distinguishedHis distinguished ability gave him an edge over others.
wonderfulHer wonderful ability to learn new things was inspiring.

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