Adjectives for Absorption

Adjectives For Absorption

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing absorption, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with 'absorption' can significantly alter one's comprehension of medical, nutritional, and scientific contexts. For instance, 'intestinal absorption' refers to the process of nutrients being absorbed within the intestines, highlighting a specific location, while 'complete absorption' denotes a thorough process without any loss. 'Fat absorption' focuses on how fats specifically are processed by the body. Conversely, 'total' and 'rapid absorption' describe the extent and speed of the process, respectively. Each adjective sheds light on different aspects of absorption, making it crucial for precise communication. Explore the full list of adjectives and the unique contexts they illuminate when used with 'absorption'.
intestinalImpaired intestinal absorption of nutrients can lead to malnutrition.
completeThe audience gave the speaker their complete absorption
fatThe drug inhibits fat absorption in the intestine.
totalThe material exhibits total absorption of light in the visible spectrum.
rapidThe rapid absorption of the drug led to its quick onset of action.
opticalThe optical absorption of the material was measured using a spectrophotometer.
percutaneousPercutaneous absorption is the process by which chemicals pass through the skin and into the bloodstream.
lightLight absorption can be defined as the process by which light is captured and converted into other forms of energy.
selectiveSelective absorption is the process by which different wavelengths of light are absorbed by different materials.
strongThe material has a strong absorption of light in the visible spectrum.
atomicAtomic absorption is a technique used to determine the concentration of an element in a sample by measuring the amount of light absorbed by the sample at a specific wavelength.
gastrointestinalThe drug's gastrointestinal absorption is enhanced by the presence of food.
lowThis new material has very low absorption
maximumThe hydrophobic drug showed maximum absorption at a pH of 7.4.
poorDue to its poor absorption the drug was not an ideal choice for oral administration.
selfHer self absorption prevented her from seeing the needs of others.
infraredInfrared absorption spectroscopy measures the absorption of infrared radiation by a sample.
rayThe high ray absorption of the cone cells results in high visual acuity and color vision, but also makes them vulnerable to light damage.
netNet absorption is the difference between the amount of moisture absorbed by the body and the amount lost by the body.
soundCotton panels were used for sound absorption in the noisy office.
atmosphericAtmospheric absorption is the process by which the Earth's atmosphere absorbs radiation from the sun.
slowThe drug's slow absorption into the bloodstream meant it took several hours to take effect.
greaterThe new gel formula has greater absorption
gradualThe gradual absorption of new vocabulary helped me improve my writing skills.
activeThe plant's roots are responsible for the active absorption and transport of water and nutrients.
normalThe patient's liver function tests showed normal absorption of bilirubin.
excessiveThe excessive absorption of liquids caused the plant to wilt.
photonThe detection of the cell is based on photon absorption
directThe glasshouse is used for heating buildings by direct absorption of sun rays.
differentialThis technique, referred to as differential absorption allows for detection and identification of the smaller species by their differential absorption of photons throughout the Q-band.
photoelectricThe photoelectric absorption of light is the process by which light is absorbed by a material and its energy is converted into electrical energy.
continuousThe continuous absorption of nutrients supports growth and development.
dermalNicotine dermal absorption is increased when applied to damaged skin.
defectiveThe car's engine had a defective absorption system.
significantThe significant absorption of sunlight by the Earth's atmosphere contributes to global warming.
betterThe innovative design of the product enables better absorption of nutrients.
passiveThe passive absorption of knowledge is not as effective as active learning.
pharmacokineticsPharmacokinetics absorption involves the process of a drug entering the body's circulation.
resonantThe resonant absorption of the substrate occurred at a wavelength of 120 nm.
domesticHigh domestic absorption can crowd out exports and lead to inflation.
subsequentThe subsequent absorption of the mineral helped to improve the patient's bone density.
enhancedThe new coating enhanced absorption of light in the visible spectrum.
partialThe partial absorption of light by the material resulted in a muted color.
efficientThe new material demonstrates efficient absorption of electromagnetic waves.
weakThe drug showed weak absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
inadequateWe have determined that the root cause of the outbreak lies in inadequate absorption and inefficient cleaning of reusable medical devices.
adequateThe plant has adequate absorption of water.
molecularThe molecular absorption of light is the process by which light is absorbed by a molecule.
inducedInduced absorption can be used to create optical gain in a medium without population inversion.
incompleteThe drug was not absorbed properly due to incomplete absorption
lessThe glass had less absorption than the iron.
septicThe house used a septic system for waste disposal, relying on septic absorption to distribute effluent into the surrounding soil.
interstellarThe absorption of starlight by dust and gas in the interstellar medium is known as interstellar absorption
relativeThe relative absorption of the drug was calculated using the formula AUC/Dose.
dielectricThe dielectric absorption of the capacitor can cause a voltage spike when the circuit is opened.
ultravioletUltraviolet absorption is dependent on wavelength, molecular structure, and concentration.
apparentThe apparent absorption of sunlight is a result of the Earth's atmosphere.
fractionalThe fractional absorption of the drug was about 30%.
characteristicThe compound exhibited characteristic absorption in the ultraviolet region.
meditativeMeditative absorption is a state of profound mental tranquility and concentration.
cutaneousCutaneous absorption is the process by which substances enter the body through the skin.
maximalThis medication must be taken on an empty stomach for maximal absorption
excessThe excess absorption of light by the solution was measured
lymphaticLymphatic absorption plays a vital role in maintaining fluid balance in the body.
tubularThe majority of glucose is reabsorbed in the proximal convoluted tubule by tubular absorption
broadAstronomers believe the broad absorption event was caused by a powerful outflow of gas from the black hole.
appreciableThe appreciable absorption of the solution led to a significant change in its color.
variableVariable absorption describes the way in which the cost of producing a product changes as the level of production changes.

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