Adjectives for Abstract

Adjectives For Abstract

Discover the perfect adjectives for 'abstract' to enhance your writing. Our list includes 'statistical', 'annual', 'contents', 'historical', and more. Each adjective is illustrated with a sentence, helping you to grasp its use in context. Elevate your language by choosing the most fitting adjectives for 'abstract' today.

statisticalThe statistical abstract of the United States is a valuable reference for researchers and policymakers.
annualThe annual abstract should be submitted by the end of the month.
historicalThe historical abstract presents a condensed overview of the primary arguments and research findings of a scholarly article.
acceptedMy submitted paper was accepted abstract but I am waiting for acceptance to the full paper.
monthlyPlease submit your monthly abstract by the deadline.
yearlyThe yearly abstract of the project was published in the journal.
pageThe page abstract was not provided.
netA net abstract is a short summary that captures the main points and key conclusions of a scientific research paper.
chronicleThe article appeared in the journal Nature and is now available in the journal's online edition as a chronicle abstract
illHis ill abstract had been lacking an order.
latestYou can learn more about the latest abstract in our blog post.
quarterlyOur quarterly abstract detailed our recent findings and upcoming research.
extendedThis extended abstract provides an overview of the research project.
informativeThe informative abstract provides a comprehensive overview of the research project.
franceFrance abstract adored those with thoughts of Paris.
scottishThe Scottish abstract of the book was included for completeness.
concreteThe concrete abstract can be a difficult concept to grasp.
mailThe mail abstract provides a succinct summary of the main points of the email.
posterThe poster abstract should provide a concise overview of the research project.
everlastingThe everlasting abstract is a concept that has been pondered by philosophers for centuries.
summaryThis is a summary abstract
seventeenthThe seventeenth abstract may contain more details about the study.
sociologicalThe sociological abstract of the paper is a concise summary of the main points of the paper.
bibliographicThe bibliographic abstract provides a concise summary of the research paper.
bibliographyThis bibliography abstract discusses the recent progress in the development of new materials for solar cells.
foregoingThe foregoing abstract is a brief summary of the research paper.
printedThe printed abstract on the leaf looks very unique
accessibleThe accessible abstract provides a concise overview of the article's main points.
meteorologicalThe meteorological abstract provides a concise summary of the paper.
dongThe dong abstract is a concept that is often used in philosophy and art history.
tisticalThe tistical abstract provides a comprehensive set of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.
indicativeThe indicative abstract is used to describe something in a neutral, objective way.
postalThe postal abstract must be submitted to the post office by next Friday.
structuredThe structured abstract provides a concise and organized overview of the research article.

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