Adjectives for Academic

Adjectives For Academic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing academic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse world of the noun 'academic' reveals a rich tapestry of nuance, shaped profoundly by the adjectives it pairs with. From the 'non-academic' pursuits that broaden our understanding of education, to the 'military-academic' collaborations shaping defense strategies. The 'industrial-academic' partnerships highlight innovation, whereas 'pre-academic' settings lay the groundwork for future scholars. Meanwhile, 'cognitive-academic' discussions emphasize the mind's role in learning, and 'Australian-academic' distinctions invite a geographical perspective into scholarly debates. Each adjective paints a unique facet of academic life, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of its impact and scope. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'academic' below, and explore the nuanced dimensions they unveil.
militaryHe is a military academic who studies the history of warfare.
industrialThe university is recognized for its close industrial academic collaboration.
cognitiveThe cognitive academic studied the effects of sleep deprivation on memory.
australianThe Australian academic was highly esteemed for his work on quantum physics.
intellectualThe intellectual academic engaged in a profound discussion about the intricacies of quantum physics.
newThe new academic year will begin in September.
yorkI am a york academic
lawThe law academic argued that the new law was unconstitutional.
interThe inter academic competition was fierce.
oldThe old academic wore a tweed jacket and leather elbow patches.
earlyThe early academic year is often a time of transition for students.
kluwerThe book is published by Kluwer academic Publishers.
elsevierElsevier academic is a leading publisher of academic journals and books.
publicThe public academic is a new type of scholar who engages with the public in various ways.
scepticalThe sceptical academic questioned the validity of the research findings.
ancientThe ancient academic delved into the depths of the library's collection.
afroThe afro academic's research focuses on the history of the African diaspora.
bucharestThe esteemed Bucharest academic Dr. Ionescu delivered a thought-provoking lecture on the history of Romanian linguistics.
siteI read the site academic today.
neoThe neo academic curriculum is designed to challenge students with innovative and critical approaches to learning.
madridMadrid academic is a Spanish association of private independent schools established in 1995.
fellowI ran into my fellow academic at the conference.
prestigiousThe prestigious academic institution is known for its rigorous curriculum and renowned faculty.
lateThe late academic's work has been influential in the field of economics.
trueHer true academic interests were in history, English, and science.
harcourtMy friends and I sat in class, learning about Harcourt academic
calledThe students called academic to inquire about the curriculum.
educationalThe educational academic discussed the importance of critical thinking skills.
ableA highly able academic from Oxford will give the speech
legalThe legal academic was well known for his expertise in constitutional law.
usualThose decisions typically require the usual academic rigor.

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