Adjectives for Acceptance

Adjectives For Acceptance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing acceptance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'acceptance' fundamentally shapes the tone and meaning of a sentence. 'General acceptance' might imply a broad but shallow agreement, whereas 'wide acceptance' suggests a broader and more encompassing understanding. 'Widespread acceptance' emphasizes the geographic or demographic spread of an idea. The nuances introduced by 'social' and 'public' acceptance point to the context in which the acceptance occurs, highlighting the importance of community or societal endorsement. 'Universal acceptance,' on the other hand, conveys an idea of unanimous agreement across all possible divides. Each adjective nuances the concept of acceptance in subtle yet profoundly different ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'acceptance' and explore the intricacies they bring to communication below.
generalThe general acceptance of the theory has been growing in recent years.
wideThe scientific evidence for climate change has gained wide acceptance in recent years.
widespreadThe widespread acceptance of social media has transformed the way we communicate.
socialSocial acceptance is the degree to which an individual is welcomed and included in a social group.
publicThe policy gained public acceptance over time.
universalThe theory has gained universal acceptance
greaterThe initiative called for a greater acceptance of diversity in the workplace.
readyThe promise of a beautiful vacation home was met with ready acceptance
fullThe team worked with full acceptance of any constructive criticism.
nonThe non acceptance of the proposal led to a standoff between the parties.
uncriticalI had an uncritical acceptance of my professor's theories.
passiveAs he sat in the rocking chair, he accepted his fate with passive acceptance
completeI live in a state of complete acceptance of myself and others.
finalThe final acceptance of the new terms and conditions will be subject to the company's approval.
popularThe proposal gained popular acceptance within a few months.
widerMany people have grown to expect wider acceptance of their lifestyle choices.
unconditionalForgiveness involves unconditional acceptance of the person, not necessarily of their behavior.
immediateHer immediate acceptance of the job offer surprised everyone.
formalThe formal acceptance of the peace treaty brought an end to the conflict.
totalWith total acceptance she embraced the imperfections that made her unique.
mutualThe two parties came to an agreement based on mutual acceptance
tacitHis tacit acceptance of the agreement was evident in his actions.
unquestioningHer unquestioning acceptance of authority troubled me.
easyHe was suddenly overcome with a feeling of easy acceptance
broadThe proposal gained broad acceptance among the team members.
blindBlind acceptance led to a number of avoidable accidents.
voluntaryThe voluntary acceptance of the terms and conditions is a legal requirement.
gradualThe gradual acceptance of the new technology was met with both enthusiasm and skepticism.
rapidThe rapid acceptance of the new technology surprised everyone.
calmShe faced her fate with calm acceptance
mereHe showed his mere acceptance of the terms by signing the document.
willingShe greeted us with willing acceptance
officialThe official acceptance of the treaty marked a new era of cooperation between the two nations.
initialThe initial acceptance of the new product was high.
unqualifiedHer unqualified acceptance of his offer of marriage surprised everyone.
eventualThe eventual acceptance of the proposal came after months of negotiation.
implicitThe instructor graded on a curve, suggesting implicit acceptance of varied starting points.
peerShe longed for peer acceptance but was always seen as an outsider.
enthusiasticThe team received the news of their victory with enthusiastic acceptance
qualifiedI want to express my qualified acceptance of his offer.
limitedHis opinion received limited acceptance among his colleagues.
reluctantThe new policy faced reluctant acceptance by the staff.
ultimateSurrendering to the relentless river of life is the ultimate acceptance
quietShe nodded in quiet acceptance of her fate.
parentalThe child's mental health improved significantly after receiving parental acceptance
apparentShe met his demand to leave with apparent acceptance
frankThe student's frank acceptance of the criticism surprised the teacher.
intellectualDr. Smith's intellectual acceptance of the theory led him to further investigate its implications.
emotionalEmotional acceptance is the ability to acknowledge and embrace all feelings without judgment.
genuineGenuine acceptance is embracing the true nature of another without judgment.
grudgingDespite their reservations, they gave their grudging acceptance to the plan.
quickWe are looking for someone who can make a quick acceptance decisions.
graciousHer gracious acceptance of the award humbled everyone in the room.
unanimousThe unanimous acceptance of his candidacy was a testament to his popularity.
worthHer apology was genuine and worth acceptance
unquestionedThe results obtained from the study enjoyed unquestioned acceptance from the community.
slowThe slow acceptance of the new policy was met with disappointment.
continuedDespite the continued acceptance of social media, concerns about privacy and addiction remain.
literalThe child's literal acceptance of the story made it hard to convince her otherwise.
fatalisticWith a fatalistic acceptance he resigned himself to his fate.
divineI found divine acceptance in the serene ambiance of the ancient temple.
wholeheartedHe showed his wholehearted acceptance to the new student.
cheerfulShe greeted the news with cheerful acceptance
widestThe description obtained the widest acceptance among the scholars.
stoicThroughout the ordeal, he exhibited stoic acceptance of the inevitable.
realisticThe key to happiness is the realistic acceptance of the world as it is.
promptHe accepted the offer with prompt acceptance
resignedWith resigned acceptance he watched the inevitable unfold.

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