Adjectives for Access

Adjectives For Access

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing access, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjectives with the noun 'access' can significantly influence the meaning conveyed by a sentence. 'Easy access' suggests convenience and user-friendliness, while 'direct access' emphasizes a straight, uninterrupted path to obtaining what one needs. 'Free access' points to the absence of financial barriers, highlighting affordability or open availability. Similarly, 'equal access' underscores the importance of fairness and non-discrimination, ensuring everyone has the same opportunities. 'Ready access' implies that something is readily available whenever needed, and 'public access' highlights accessibility to the general population. Each adjective nuances 'access' differently, painting a vivid picture of availability, approachability, and accessibility. Explore the full list of adjectives used with 'access' to see how they can transform your sentences.
easyThe store's easy access made it a popular destination for shoppers.
directThe system provides direct access to the database.
freeData was restricted to websites with free access
equalStudents need equal access to learning opportunities.
readyThe researchers have ready access to the data they need.
publicThe public access point is located at the park entrance.
greaterStudents with disabilities should have greater access to educational resources.
fullThe administrator has full access to all company files.
betterStudents at the school have better access to advanced courses.
easierThe new app provides easier access to the information you need.
openThe journal provides open access to all of its articles.
immediateI require immediate access to the top-secret files.
unauthorizedThe unauthorized access to the server was detected by the security team.
remoteRemote access allows users to connect to a computer or network from a remote location.
quickI need quick access to the files.
onlyThe patient has only access to the primary care physician.
randomThe random access memory is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly.
privilegedThe system administrator had privileged access to all the confidential data.
universalUniversal access to quality education and healthcare is essential for the development of any society.
multipleThe network can utilise multiple access technologies, such as CSMA/CD and token passing, to regulate access to the shared medium in a distributed manner.
physicalThe project team will have physical access to the equipment during the maintenance period.
unlimitedThe internet user received unlimited access to the web pages.
lexicalThe lexical access time of a variable is the time it takes for the computer to find the variable in memory.
convenientThe library's convenient access made it a popular destination for students.
unrestrictedThe company has unrestricted access to all the information.
exclusiveThe famous scientist was granted exclusive access to the research laboratory.
rapidThe rapid access to information has helped us tremendously.
differentialUsers with differential access rights can view only certain parts of the database.
preferentialThe company is considering giving preferential access to its most valued customers.
adequateThe library provided adequate access to the internet for research purposes.
vascularThe patient's vascular access is via a right jugular central venous catheter.
instantWith instant access to the database, I was able to make informed decisions quickly.
wirelessShe was able to access the internet via wireless access
restrictedThe server room has restricted access to authorized personnel only.
intravenousThe nurse established intravenous access for the patient.
venousThe patient's venous access was established with a 20-gauge IV.
equitableEquitable access to quality education is a fundamental right for all children.
difficultThe trail was closed due to difficult access after the storm.
sequentialData in sequential access is stored in a linear fashion, one after the other.
suddenI got sudden access to the top secret documents.
fastThe team has fast access to the necessary resources.
reasonableThe law requires all places of public accommodation to provide reasonable access to people with disabilities.
controlledThe laboratory had controlled access to prevent contamination.
regularAlice needs regular access to the gym, so she can work out three times a week.
electronicThere are several ways to gain electronic access to the primary sources of the law, including databases and the internet.
anonymousAnonymous access is not permitted for this service.
lineThe new configuration provides for line access to the computer.
visualThe visual access of the room allows for natural light to fill the space.
concurrentThe database system allows multiple users to have concurrent access to the data.
secureThe company implemented secure access to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users.
subjectThe library provides subject access to the collection.
broadbandThe development of broadband access has accelerated the dissemination of information and brought people closer.
efficientThe database design should allow for efficient access to the data.
safeVictoria secured safe access to the remote location before embarking on her adventurous expedition.
widerProviding wider access to education and healthcare fosters equality.
basedSome authorized users have based access to specific functions within the system.
simultaneousI enjoyed simultaneous access to multiple files on the network.
fasterWe can use this method to get much faster access
fairChildren in rural areas have fair access to quality education.
inadequateMany rural communities suffer from inadequate access to clean water and sanitation.
surgicalThe surgeon utilized a minimally invasive surgical access to remove the tumor.
indirectPersonnel can be given indirect access to debt statements.

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