Adjectives for Accommodation

Adjectives For Accommodation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing accommodation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe accommodation reveals much about one's expectations and experiences. Whether it's reasonable accommodation that bespeaks affordability, or temporary accommodation hinting at short-term stays, each adjective unfolds a story. Mutual accommodation highlights the importance of compromise, whereas residential accommodation points to long-term living spaces. The term suitable accommodation emphasizes the fit for specific needs, and public accommodation opens up discussions about accessibility and inclusivity. The nuances these adjectives bring to light are crucial for understanding the multifaceted nature of accommodations. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of descriptive phrases that paint a vivid picture of the world of accommodations.
reasonableThe company strives to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.
temporaryI'm afraid we don't have any temporary accommodation available at the moment.
mutualTheir mutual accommodation was essential to a continued working relationship.
residentialThe residential accommodation was designed to be energy-efficient.
suitableWe managed to find suitable accommodation for the family in a nearby town.
public"Public accommodation" refers to any place that provides goods or services to the public, such as hotels, restaurants, and stores.
betterWe will discuss this issue again in the next meeting after we have made better accommodation
alternativeDue to the recent renovations, alternative accommodation will be provided for guests.
additionalThe university provides additional accommodation for students with disabilities.
politicalThe new policy was the result of political accommodation between the two parties.
adequateThe hotel offered adequate accommodation for all of the guests.
freeThe volunteers are provided with free accommodation during their stay.
ampleThe hotel has ample accommodation for large groups.
comfortableWe are fortunate that our company provides comfortable accommodation for its employees.
privateShe decided to book the private accommodation instead of the hotel.
sufficientThe hotel has sufficient accommodation for our stay.
specialStudents with documented disabilities may request special accommodation for testing.
separateStudents with special needs are entitled to separate accommodation during exams.
necessaryThe hotel provides necessary accommodation for guests with disabilities.
excellentThe hotel boasts excellent accommodation with spacious rooms and luxurious amenities.
limitedThe town had limited accommodation for visitors.
overnightThe overnight accommodation comes complete with elegant furnishings and a fully stocked kitchenette.
furtherWe regret that we are unable to offer further accommodation at this time.
permanentThe hotel offered permanent accommodation to its guests.
cheapThe hotel offered cheap accommodation for budget travelers.
availableThere are 5 available accommodations near the beach.
poorThe blurring vision was due to poor accommodation
visualThe human eye's ability to focus on objects at varying distances is called visual accommodation
decentThe hotel provides decent accommodation at a very reasonable price.
culturalShe showed her cultural accommodation by learning the local language and customs.
financialThe bank has made financial accommodations for customers affected by the pandemic.
classShe attended the class accommodation for students with disabilities
secureAdequate housing includes secure accommodation and security of tenure.
appropriateThe company provided appropriate accommodation for employees with disabilities.
inadequateThe students complained about the inadequate accommodation provided by the university.
peacefulThe parties have agreed on a peaceful accommodation of their differences.
extraThe hotel offers extra accommodation for large groups.
termThe term accommodation refers to a temporary solution for a problem.
sanitaryThe sanitary accommodation was clean and well-maintained.
shelteredThe sheltered accommodation provided a safe and secure living environment for the elderly residents.
insufficientThe hotel has insufficient accommodation for the large number of tourists.
relativeRelative accommodation allows us to shift our focus from near to far objects effortlessly.
satisfactoryThe hotel provided satisfactory accommodation for our family vacation.
luxuriousThe resort offers luxurious accommodation with stunning ocean views and private balconies.
spaciousThe hotel provides spacious accommodation for all of its guests.
easyThe hotel offers easy accommodation facilities.
monetaryThe central bank has implemented several measures of monetary accommodation to support economic growth during the pandemic.
domesticThe domestic accommodation is sufficient for a small family.
superiorThe hotel offered superior accommodation with all the modern amenities.
furnishedI'm looking for furnished accommodation in the city centre.
cheaperWe found a place with cheaper accommodation that we liked more.
cateringThe hotel offers catering accommodation for events of all sizes.
gradualThe gradual accommodation of new technologies into the workplace has led to increased efficiency and productivity.
extensiveThe hotel offers extensive accommodation options to cater to a wide range of guests.
pragmaticThe pragmatic accommodation theory suggests that individuals adjust their communication to achieve specific goals.
enoughI apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not have enough accommodation for your group.
ocularThe patient's ocular accommodation was measured at 10 diopters.
institutionalThe nursing home is an example of institutional accommodation
friendlyThe hotel offers friendly accommodation and provides excellent services.
excessiveExcessive accommodation in the workplace can create an environment ripe for liabilities and non-compliance.
convenientThe hotel provides convenient accommodation for travelers.
fairThe school was required to make fair accommodation for students with learning disabilities.

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