Adjectives for Accommodations

Adjectives For Accommodations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing accommodations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe accommodations can significantly influence the perception and attractiveness of the options available. Whether seeking public spaces for a community event, searching for reasonable lodging that balances cost and comfort, or exploring comfortable stays for a rejuvenating retreat, the adjectives set the tone. Describing accommodations as good versus better subtly shifts expectations, highlighting the subjective nature of such assessments. With the right adjective, the essence of the accommodations is distilled, offering a preview of the experience awaiting. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with accommodations below, each bringing its unique shade of meaning.
publicPublic accommodations are required to provide access to everyone regardless of disability.
reasonableThe school provided reasonable accommodations for the student with a disability.
suchThe hotel offered its guests such accommodations as a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a fitness center.
betterThe hotel offered better accommodations than we expected.
goodThe hotel offers good accommodations for its guests.
comfortableThe hotel offered comfortable accommodations that made travelers feel at home away from home.
overnightThey will need overnight accommodations for their three-day stay.
basicThe hotel had basic accommodations
specialCan you please arrange for special accommodations for my son in school?
suitableThe hotel will make suitable accommodations for guests with disabilities.
excellentThe hotel provided excellent accommodations for its guests.
separateWe provide separate accommodations for men and women.
bestThis hotel offers the best accommodations in the city.
ampleThe resort offers ample accommodations for guests of all sizes.
classStudents with disabilities may be eligible for class accommodations
luxuriousThose seeking luxurious accommodations will be delighted with the hotel's opulent suites.
necessaryThe school provided necessary accommodations for the students with disabilities.
equalAll students were provided with equal accommodations for the test.
temporaryThe family was forced to move into temporary accommodations after the fire.
privateThe resort offers private accommodations for its guests.
adequateThe hotel offers adequate accommodations for both short and long-term stays.
appropriateWe will make appropriate accommodations for disabled guests.
properThe resort offers proper accommodations for all guests, regardless of their needs.
poorThe cramped hostel offered poor accommodations but it was cheap.
additionalThe hotel offered additional accommodations to the guests.
limitedThe resort offers limited accommodations during the off-season.
decentWe had decent accommodations for our business trip.
spaciousThe hotel offers spacious accommodations with stunning views of the city.
superiorThe superior accommodations of the hotel included a private balcony and a spacious living room.
possibleIn order to fully participate in the program, we will need possible accommodations
largerI need to find larger accommodations for my growing family.
fineWe enjoyed the fine accommodations and the friendly staff at the hotel.
modestThe inn offered modest accommodations with small rooms and simple furnishings.
styleThis student has a right to style accommodations for their IEP.
inexpensiveWe stayed in inexpensive accommodations during our trip.
expensiveThe vacation rental's expensive accommodations put the family over budget.
availablePlease contact the reservation office for available accommodations
mutualThey made mutual accommodations to resolve their conflict.
residentialThe university offers excellent residential accommodations for its students.
sufficientThe university provided sufficient accommodations for students with disabilities.
cleanThe hotel offered clean accommodations and friendly service.
pleasantThe hotel offered pleasant accommodations making our stay comfortable and enjoyable.
elegantThe luxurious hotel offers elegant accommodations for guests seeking a sophisticated stay.
usualWe can't make any usual accommodations for you at this time.
inadequateThe hotel's inadequate accommodations forced us to sleep on the floor.
alternativeStudents requesting alternative accommodations must submit their documentation to Disability Services.
extensiveThe hotel provides extensive accommodations for its guests.
convenientThe hotel offers convenient accommodations for travelers.
cheapWe stayed in cheap accommodations during our vacation.
satisfactoryI am happy with the satisfactory accommodations
permanentThe nursing home provided permanent accommodations for the elderly patients.
rusticThe rustic accommodations provided a cozy and charming atmosphere for our stay.
scantyThe weary travelers were forced to endure the night in scanty accommodations
finestOur facilities include some of the island's finest accommodations
instructionalStudents with disabilities may receive instructional accommodations to help them access and participate in learning.
niceThe hotel offered nice accommodations ensuring a comfortable stay for guests.
attractiveThe resort offers a wide range of attractive accommodations
spartanThe travelers found only spartan accommodations at the remote outpost.
academicStudents with disabilities may be eligible for academic accommodations
transientThe hotel offered transient accommodations for travelers passing through the city.
interiorThe interior accommodations of the house were spacious and well-lit.
splendidThe hotel provided splendid accommodations for all the guests.

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