Adjectives for Account

Adjectives For Account

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing account, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an account can significantly alter the perceived significance and depth of information it conveys. An own account implies personal involvement and insight, making it more relatable. A detailed account suggests thoroughness and precision, inviting readers into the nuances of the story. Conversely, a brief account offers just the essentials, perfect for quick updates or overviews. The choice between a good account and a current account can pivot the narrative from a value judgment to a statement of timeliness. Every adjective brings its shade, painting the noun in lights unique and varied. For a deeper exploration of how adjectives can enrich your understanding of an account, delve into the full list below.
ownThe company was able to make a profit on its own account
detailedI left a detailed account of the incident in my report.
fullThe auditor conducted a full account of the company's finances.
briefThis is a brief account of what happened.
goodThe treasurer kept a good account of all money spent and received.
currentThe country has a current account deficit of 10% of GDP.
generalThe general account was closed for maintenance.
interestingHe gave an interesting account of his travels.
shortThe short account of the incident was not enough to fully understand the events that occurred.
historicalThe historical account of the battle was written by an anonymous soldier.
bestThe best account of the incident was given by the eyewitness.
completeHe gave a complete account of his experience.
excellentTheir excellent account of their financial position aided the bank in approving their loan.
personalShe added the expense to her personal account
particularShe took particular account of the speed and direction of the wind.
fullerThe fuller account of the incident is still emerging.
comprehensiveHe gave a comprehensive account of his experience.
accurateThe historian provided an accurate account of the battle.
trueI heard my true account on the radio this morning.
clearThe accountant provided a clear account of the company's finances.
separateShe kept her business and personal finances in separate accounts.
adequateThe book provides an adequate account of the historical events.
abovePlease make sure to create a new item for each line on the above account
biblicalThe biblical account of creation is a story of God's power and love.
vividHe provided a vivid account of the accident.
satisfactoryThe company provided a satisfactory account of its financial performance.
contemporaryThe contemporary account of the battle is not entirely reliable.
officialThe official account of the company recently posted an update.
jointMy husband and I have a joint account at the bank.
exactThe exact account of the incident is still unknown.
graphicThe graphic account of the accident left me feeling horrified.
popularThe new service became a popular account for secure file sharing.
fullestA thorough investigation has provided the fullest account of the situation.
systematicThe systematic account of this phenomenon was presented in the previous section.
descriptiveThe book provides a descriptive account of the events leading up to the war.
fascinatingThe archaeologist's fascinating account of the ancient civilization captivated the audience.
dueWe must take due account of the impact of technology on society.
autobiographicalThe autobiographical account of her life is a fascinating read.
coherentThe cross-examination revealed several inconsistencies and the witness struggled to give a coherent account of the incident.
correctThe correct account was used to log in.
conciseThe concise account highlighted the most important aspects of the project.
minuteThe witness gave a minute account of the events leading up to the accident.
usefulI am sure that will be a very useful account of the proceedings.
authentic"May I have your authentic account of the incident that occurred last night?" asked the detective.
classicThis is a classic account of love and loss.
readableThe book provides a readable account of the events.
strictHe had to give a strict account of his behavior.
succinctThe researcher's succinct account led to a clear understanding of the complex problem.
curiousI read a curious account of the strange goings-on in the old mansion.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive account of the incident provided a clear understanding of what occurred.
amusingThe amusing account had everyone laughing out loud.
foregoingTo be frank, we can't be satisfied with the foregoing account
thoroughThe researcher provided a thorough account of the experiment's findings.
earliestThe earliest account of the use of the word "computer" in English appears in the Oxford English Dictionary, dated March 1613.
livelyShe gave a lively account of her adventures.
factualThe report provided a factual account of the events.
carefulShe took a careful account of the books she owned.
authoritativeThe authoritative account of the event was given by the eyewitness.
handThe hand account of the battle provided a vivid description of the events.
circumstantialThe circumstantial account provided by the witness was detailed and persuasive.
alternativeShe created an alternative account to post anonymously.
fictionalI read a fictional account of the American Revolution.
theoreticalThe theoretical account of the experiment has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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