Adjectives for Accounts

Adjectives For Accounts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing accounts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing 'accounts' with adjectives like detailed, national, historical, contemporary, various, and several enriches the narrative, providing depth and specificity. A 'detailed account' offers in-depth insight, while a 'national account' broadens the scope to a country-wide perspective. 'Historical accounts' transport readers back in time, whereas 'contemporary accounts' root the narrative in the present. The use of 'various' and 'several' highlights the diversity and multiplicity of perspectives or instances. Each adjective frames the noun in a unique light, altering the reader's understanding and engagement with the text. Dive deeper into the diverse adjectives that can accompany 'accounts' in our comprehensive list below.
detailedThe novel provided extremely detailed accounts of the historical events.
nationalEconomists use national accounts to measure the performance of an economy.
historicalHistorical accounts suggest that the city was founded in the 1st century AD.
contemporaryContemporary accounts of the battle vary widely in their assessment of the tactics employed.
variousVarious accounts of the incident have been circulating online.
severalThe investigation revealed that the discrepancy was due to several accounts that had not been reconciled.
personalHe writes intensely and very personally, exploring his own personal accounts in many of his works.
mostAccording to most accounts the meeting was a success.
individualSome people can open individual accounts with higher interest rates than basic savings accounts.
currentI've set up current accounts for each of my children.
separateWe should keep our finances separate and have separate accounts
bestAccording to their best accounts they're still at large.
annualThe company's annual accounts presented a robust financial performance.
financialThe financial accounts were audited by an independent accounting firm.
numerousNumerous accounts of the event were given.
traditionalHISTORIC PRESERVATION, most buildings of traditional accounts that had no heat during the cold seasons, also had inadequate ventilation.
recentDue to recent accounts of racist incidents, we are taking extra precautions.
officialWe followed the official accounts of the football club, but they didn't provide any new information.
briefHe gave brief accounts of his experiences in the war.
followingAn error was found in the following accounts Accounts Receivable, Supplies, and Prepaid Insurance.
earlierEarlier accounts of the region were left by archaeologists who excavated a prehistoric site near the lake.
openWe need to close our open accounts before we can move forward.
earliestThe earliest accounts record the arrival of several Cossack groups on the island.
laterLater accounts indicate they were heavily armed and their faces were covered.
handShe enjoys reading first-hand accounts of historical events.
descriptiveThe book included descriptive accounts of all the major battles in the war.
popularThe company used popular accounts to share their message.
accurateThe financial reports provided accurate accounts of the company's performance.
interestingWe have interesting accounts of explorers who discovered this island centuries ago.
biblicalThe biblical accounts of creation and the fall of humanity are foundational to Christian theology.
oralOral accounts provide valuable historical insights.
ethnographicThe ethnographic accounts of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon are invaluable for understanding their culture and history.
gospelThe gospel accounts provide a valuable historical record of Jesus's life and teachings.
uncollectibleThe company had a significant amount of uncollectible accounts which resulted in a loss of revenue.
biographicalPatricia Stevens, a well-known historian, delivered captivating biographical accounts of the region's famous figures.
theoreticalSome theoretical accounts view dyslexia as a problem with processing speed and automaticity, while others suggest attentional and phonological processing deficits.
autobiographicalHistorians can analyze various historical documents, such as autobiographical accounts to gain insights into the past.
conflictingThe conflicting accounts of the incident made it difficult to determine what had actually happened.
alternativeHe gave the police alternative accounts of what happened that night.
firsthandThis report is based on firsthand accounts by those who were there.
authenticThese authentic accounts will hold your attention from start to finish.
excellentHer excellent accounts with the local banks were well-known in the community.
vividThe vivid accounts of the survivors painted a horrifying picture of the disaster.
exaggeratedThe lawyer presented exaggerated accounts of the defendant's crime.
contradictoryThe witnesses gave contradictory accounts of the accident.
anecdotalThe anecdotal accounts of the accident were unreliable.
jointThey decided to merge their separate bank accounts into joint accounts
doubtfulOur company's doubtful accounts rose significantly in the last quarter.
multipleHe had multiple accounts on various websites.
personThe person accounts for the financial discrepancies.
consolidatedOur consolidated accounts are available for inspection at the company's registered office.
respectiveThe companies credited the refunds to their respective accounts
journalisticJournalistic accounts have provided alarming reports of the situation.
outstandingWe need to collect outstanding accounts by the end of the quarter.
eyewitnessPolice investigators relied heavily on eyewitness accounts to piece together the events of the robbery.

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