Adjectives for Addition

Adjectives For Addition

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing addition, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an 'addition' can significantly alter the tone and implication of a sentence. A 'valuable addition' conveys a sense of worth and significance, emphasizing its contribution. Describing an addition as 'new' highlights its novelty and the potential for change it brings. An 'important addition' underscores its essential nature, suggesting it is critical to the context. A 'later addition' might imply an afterthought or something that was necessary to complete or enhance. A 'welcome addition' suggests positive reception and usefulness. Meanwhile, a 'recent addition' denotes its freshness and current relevance. These nuances demonstrate how adjectives enrich our communication, offering depth and clarity. Explore the full list of adjectives used with 'addition' below, and discover the wide array of interpretations they can provide.
valuableWe welcome John as a valuable addition to our team.
newThe new addition to our family is a playful golden retriever puppy.
importantThe latest surge in Covid-19 cases is an important addition to the ongoing health crisis.
laterThe later addition of the annex was voted against strongly.
welcomeThe new employee is a welcome addition to the team.
recentThe recent addition to the team has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge.
furtherWe allocated a further addition of funds to the project.
simpleThe total cost of the apples and oranges is calculated by using simple addition
usefulThe new machine was a useful addition to the factory.
smallA small addition can make a big difference.
latestThe latest addition to our team is a highly experienced engineer.
netThe net addition of new employees to the company was significant.
lateThe late addition to the team proved to be a valuable asset.
significantThe significant addition to the team brought new skills and experience to the project.
subsequentThe subsequent addition of a new employee brought the total number of staff to ten.
considerableThe considerable addition to the library's collection was made possible by a generous donation.
mereTheir mere addition to the team brought a new surge of energy.
interestingThe plan to visit the park was an interesting addition to their weekend.
possibleThe possible addition of a new member to the team has been discussed.
substantialThe substantial addition to the budget helped the organization to achieve its goals.
excellentThis new employee is an excellent addition to the team.
slightHe made a slight addition to his collection of stamps.
permanentThe permanent addition to the team has been a great asset.
newestThe newest addition to the team is a talented software engineer.
gradualThe gradual addition of water filled the bucket slowly.
notableHer notable addition to the team helped them win the championship.
necessaryThe necessary addition of the new ingredient to the recipe enhanced its flavor.
desirableThe upgrade is expected to be a highly desirable addition to the popular destination.
niceShe thought the new curtains were a nice addition to her bedroom.
annualIn 2019, the annual addition of new species to the catalog was 118.
constantStudents solved a problem, which required constant addition
slowThe slow addition of the chemicals to the solution caused a gradual reaction.
worthyI would like to add this book to my library, as it is a worthy addition to my collection.
simultaneousThe simultaneous addition of the two numbers resulted in a large sum.
occasionalShe enjoys an occasional addition to her wardrobe.
pleasantShe was a pleasant addition to the already impressive company.
wonderfulThe new baby was a wonderful addition to the family.
oxidativeOxidative addition is a type of chemical reaction in which a metal complex gains electrons and increases its oxidation state.
carefulThe careful addition of ingredients resulted in a delicious meal.
invaluableThe young intern turned out to be an invaluable addition to the team.
agreeableThe extra help was an agreeable addition to the already stellar group.
marginalThe marginal addition to the project budget was minimal.
attractiveThe new wallpaper is an attractive addition to the room.
cautiousShe proceeded with cautious addition ensuring her arithmetic was accurate.
logicalThe logical addition of the statements is true.
distinctOur distinct addition to the team will help us achieve our goals.
unnecessaryThe man dressed his coat in unnecessary addition to his new bag.
continualThe continual addition of small amounts led to a surprising surplus.
worthwhileThe class ended up being a worthwhile addition to her day.
unexpectedThe unexpected addition to the team surprised everyone.
handsomeThe baby was a handsome addition to the family.
deliberateThe deliberate addition of a new ingredient enhanced the flavor of the dish.
pointAlice performs point addition to elliptic curve parameters and sends Bob the x-coordinate.

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