Adjectives for Admin

Adjectives For Admin

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing admin, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the vast universe of language, choosing the right adjectives to pair with the noun 'admin' can significantly alter the tone and perspective of a sentence. The term 'admin', short for administration, can be shaped by adjectives like 'public', reflecting a dimension that deals with government or community affairs; 'social', hinting at involvement in societal activities; 'local', specifying a narrower, more community-focused scope; 'new', indicating fresh perspectives or changes; and 'industrial', suggesting ties to manufacturing or large-scale business. Each adjective, from 'oral' implying spoken communication to 'industrial' hinting at economic sectors, adds a unique layer of meaning, showcasing the multifaceted roles admins play. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to fully appreciate the nuances they bring to the term 'admin'.
publicPublic administration is the study of how government institutions work and how to improve them.
social"Social admin" is a term used to describe the use of social media by government and non-profit organizations for administrative purposes.
localThe local admin was responsible for maintaining the server.
newI need to check with the new admin to see if that's OK.
industrialThe industrial admin made sure the factory was running smoothly.
oralThe oral admin of the drug was well-tolerated by the patients.
centralThe central admin needs to be updated with the latest data.
educationalThe educational admin is responsible for the overall management of the school.
civilThe civil admin has been working hard to keep the city running smoothly during the pandemic.
principalThe principal admin was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school.
judicialThe judicial admin was very helpful in answering my questions.
comparativeThe comparative admin tool allows you to compare two different versions of a document.
generalThe general admin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office.
lateThe late admin was a great leader.
britishThe British admin is responsible for the management of the country.
totalThe total admin costs were $$50,000$.
finalThe final admin has been decided.
provincialThe provincial admin has made a decision.
nonThe non admin user was not able to access the file.
basicThe basic admin role grants access to basic administrative tasks.
frenchThe French administration is highly centralized.
netThe net admin helped me set up my computer.
militaryThe military admin couldn't verify the soldier's identity.
campThe camp admin was responsible for the safety and well-being of the campers.
previousThe previous admin has done a lot for the company.
financialThe financial admin was responsible for managing the company's finances.
internalThe internal admin settings for the company have been updated.
democraticThe democratic admin has been in power for two terms.
municipalThe municipal administration is responsible for providing essential services to the city.
regionalThe regional admin has oversight over a specific region.
iowaThe Iowa admin is very helpful.
chiefThe chief admin was responsible for overseeing the entire operation.
routineThe routine admin tasks took up a lot of his time.
remoteHe can manage the company's information system as a remote admin
networkThe network admin was in charge of the entire network.
59-62I have a 59-62 admin, and I am trying to figure out what it is.
chronicThe treatment of chronic admin resulted in a reduction in pain.
juniorThe junior admin was responsible for managing the company's social media accounts.
costTraining and development of staff is a cost admin expense.
topThe top admin for the project was able to help me with my issue.
belgianI met with the Belgian admin in Brussels.
levelI have level admin privileges on the website.
federalThe federal administration is responsible for the overall management of the country.
admiralThe admiral admin was in charge of the entire fleet.
ohioOhio admin to blame during train derailment, Ohio county requests federal aid.
ruralThe rural admin was responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the village.
mailThe mail admin is responsible for the maintenance and security of an organization's email systems.
annualThe annual admin fee is only $30.
expenditureThe expenditure admin has been working hard to keep the budget in check.
managerialThe project will be managed by the managerial admin team.
fixedThe fixed admin permissions were granted to the user.
successfulThe experienced successful admin was able to accomplish all tasks on time.
clickThe click admin button is to the right of the search bar.
soaThe soa admin can manage the DNS records for a domain.
attemptedThe system was compromised by an attempted admin login.
portThe port admin is responsible for the overall management of the port.
occasionalI work as an occasional admin
circularThe circular admin made it difficult to find the right person to contact.
publPubl admin is the study of the management of public resources and services.
seniorThe senior admin approved the request.
frontier"Where are you off to, little pioneer?" asked the frontier admin
weakThe weak admin was unable to control their users.
jangoJango admin is a user interface for Django models.
pinkThe pink admin was a kind and helpful person.
efficientThe efficient admin quickly processed the paperwork.
macosxGrant macosx admin with sudo access.
redirectThe redirect admin page has been updated.
stableThe stable admin is responsible for maintaining the stability of the system.

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