Adjectives for Adult

Adjectives For Adult

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing adult, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using specific adjectives with the noun 'adult' can deeply influence the perception of the individual being described. A 'young adult' conjures images of someone just stepping into adulthood, facing life’s complexities with fresh eyes, whereas an 'older adult' suggests wisdom and experiences accumulated over the years. Describing someone as a 'normal' or 'average adult' might evoke notions of societal standards or commonality in lifestyle. On the other hand, a 'healthy adult' emphasizes physical well-being, and a 'mature adult' highlights psychological and emotional growth. Each adjective paints a unique portrait, highlighting different facets of adulthood. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe adults and the nuanced meanings they convey below.
youngThe young adult was full of energy and ready to face the challenges ahead.
olderThe older adult enjoyed the warm weather while they strolled along the beach.
normalThe normal adult eats about three pounds of food each day.
averageThe average adult drinks 2 litres of water per day.
healthyThe healthy adult male has a larger lung capacity than the healthy adult female.
matureThe mature adult made a decision based on logic and reason.
responsibleThe responsible adult in the room quickly took charge of the situation.
maleThe male adult was arrested for driving under the influence.
humanThe human adult is a complex being with a rich inner life.
competentThe competent adult consented to the surgery.
femaleThe female adult was seen fleeing the scene.
formalThe formal adult was invited to the diplomatic reception.
independentThe independent adult was able to make their own decisions.
typicalThe typical adult drinks about 1 liter of water per day.
agedThe aged adult enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren.
miniatureThe miniature adult was an interesting sight to behold.
intelligentThe intelligent adult quickly solved the puzzle.
usualThe usual adult is considered self-sufficient.
appropriateThe appropriate adult was present during the interview.
activeThe active adult community was a great place to meet new people.
elderlyThe elderly adult walked slowly across the street.
grownThe grown adult walked down the street.
illThe doctor took the blood pressure of the ill adult
disabledThe disabled adult was unable to access the building.
sizedThe sized adult male was over six feet tall.
familiarThe familiar adult patiently waited for the stranger to leave.
subThe sub adult lion was curious about the new environment.
successfulThe successful adult had worked hard to achieve her goals.
seniorThe senior adult enjoyed the company of his family.
dependentThe social worker provides services to dependent adults.
strangeThe strange adult made the children feel uneasy.
wingedThe winged adult butterfly fluttered around the garden.
middleThe middle adult years offer a unique blend of experience and energy.
supportiveI am grateful for the supportive adult in my life who has helped me through difficult times.
deafThe deaf adult used sign language to communicate.
unmarriedThe unmarried adult lived alone in a small apartment.
rationalThe rational adult thought carefully about their decision.
interestedThe interested adult will be informed about the incident.
unfamiliarHe was an unfamiliar adult so I didn't trust him.
civilizedThe civilized adult behaved with grace and decorum.
immatureThe immature adult refused to take responsibility for his actions.
autonomousThe autonomous adult made a decision without consulting anyone else.
injuredThe injured adult was taken to the hospital.
bodiedThe bodied adult was found dead in their home.
obeseThe obese adult struggled to lose weight.
literateThe committee spent a great deal of time working with the county's school board to improve the literacy skills of low income earners and to promote the continuing education of the literate adult population in the county.
friendlyThe friendly adult helped me cross the street.
extraThe extra adult in the room made the children uncomfortable.
saneI trust that the sane adult will make a responsible decision.
experiencedAn experienced adult provided guidance to the group.
incompetentThe court declared the defendant an incompetent adult and appointed a guardian to manage their affairs.
sympatheticI was grateful for the sympathetic adult who listened to my concerns.
happyThe happy adult jumped for joy.
adjustedThe adjusted adult had an optimistic outlook despite the setbacks.
sophisticatedThe sophisticated adult conversed eloquently about the complexities of modern society.
wiseThe wise adult offered valuable advice to the young entrepreneur.
handicappedThe handicapped adult was struggling to get up the stairs.
productiveThe productive adult completed her tasks with ease and efficiency.
adolescentThe adolescent adult was struggling to find their place in the world.

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