Adjectives for Advance

Adjectives For Advance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing advance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced world of language, the use of adjectives with the noun 'advance' can significantly alter its impact and meaning. A 'great advance' speaks to the magnitude, while a 'further advance' suggests an ongoing journey. The term 'technological advance' highlights the sphere of progress, whereas a 'rapid advance' emphasizes speed. 'Major' and 'important' underscore the significance and value of the advance, respectively. Each adjective opens a new dimension, shading the noun with distinct tones of urgency, importance, or domain. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'advance' to fully appreciate the nuances they bring.
greatThe discovery of penicillin was a great advance in medical science.
furtherThe research team made further advances in their quest to find a cure for the disease.
technologicalTechnological advances have revolutionized the way we communicate and connect with others.
rapidThe rapid advance of technology has made our lives much easier.
majorThe drug is a major advance in the treatment of the disease.
importantThe new technology has made important advance in the field of medicine.
germanThe German advance was halted by the Allies.
generalThe general advance of the army was slowed by heavy rains.
significantWith a significant advance in technology, we can now access information more quickly than ever before.
considerableThe company is expected to report considerable advance in its annual revenue.
economicThe country has experienced significant economic advance in recent years.
scientificThe scientific advance has led to a better understanding of the natural world.
steadyThe army's steady advance pushed the enemy back mile by mile.
technicalThe technical advance has made our lives easier.
realThe new technology is a real advance in the field.
distinctThe project had a distinct advance since the last time I checked in.
britishThe British advance was met with heavy resistance.
slowThe slow advance of the glacier carved a deep valley over time.
nextWe eagerly anticipate the next advance in artificial intelligence.
japaneseThe japanese advance was halted by the chinese army.
greatest"The greatest advance in my life has been in my ability to learn and adapt to new situations."
frenchThe French advance was halted by heavy artillery fire.
recentSignificant breakthroughs have been possible in recent advance
notableThe scientist's notable advance in the field of genetic engineering brought him widespread recognition.
gradualThe gradual advance of the troops led to a decisive victory.
immediateWe are sorry, but immediate advance is not possible at this time.
substantialThe substantial advance in technology has transformed our lives.
constitutionalThe constitutional advance allows for a more inclusive and democratic society.
industrialThe industrial advance of the 19th century led to profound social and economic changes.
tremendousThis tremendous advance in technology has changed the world.
remarkableThe remarkable advance in technology has made our lives easier.
intellectualThe intellectual advance of the past century has led to a better understanding of the universe.
slightThe slight advance in technology allowed us to create new products.
enormousThe company's research department has made enormous advance in the field of AI.
sovietThe Soviet advance into Germany was halted at the Vistula River.
culturalThe cultural advance brought new ideas and technologies to the region.
federalThe federal advance on the highway project was approved.
definiteHe made a definite advance in the race.
immenseThe immense advance in technology has changed our lives in countless ways.
victoriousThe victorious advance of the army brought joy to the nation.
educationalThis educational advance has helped many students improve their academic performance.
swiftThe swift advance of technology has made it possible to communicate with people all over the world in real time.
glacialThe glacial advance formed a deep valley with steep sides.
evolutionaryThe development of the respiratory system was an evolutionary advance
creativeThe creative advance was groundbreaking, introducing new techniques and pushing the boundaries of the art form.
confederateThe Confederate advance was met with stiff resistance from the Union forces.
turkishThe Turkish advance was met with fierce resistance from the Greeks.
continuedTechnology's continued advance leads us to anticipate even more exciting things in the future.
freshThe company's fresh advance into the software market was a bold move.
progressiveThe organization has witnessed progressive advance over the years.
successfulThe team's successful advance into the playoffs was celebrated by fans.
correspondingThe corresponding advance in the other stations was not made.
angularThe angular advance of the enemy was met with stiff resistance.
subsequentThe subsequent advance in technology led to a significant increase in productivity.
theoreticalWe demonstrate that this reduction in response to blockade is caused by a theoretical advance in the resolution of a conflict between real and illusory targets.
suddenThe sudden advance of the enemy took the defenders by surprise.
continuousThe continuous advance of technology has revolutionized the way we live.
communistThe communist advance was met with fierce resistance.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary advance in technology has made life easier for everyone.
simultaneousTheir simultaneous advance laid waste to the enemy's defenses.
decisiveThe general's decisive advance broke through the enemy lines.
inexorableThe relentless and inexorable advance of time brought with it an air of bittersweet nostalgia.
strikingThe latest advancements in technology represent a striking advance for humanity.
maximumThe maximum advance on this loan is 10% of the appraised value.
spectacularThe new technology features a spectacular advance in performance.
relentlessThe relentless advance of the army shattered the defenders' morale.
boldThe battalion made a bold advance on the enemy lines.
cautiousThe infantry made a cautious advance towards the enemy lines.

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