Adjectives for Advertisement

Adjectives For Advertisement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing advertisement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an advertisement can significantly alter the perception of its message. A good advertisement grabs attention, while a first advertisement sets expectations. The term public advertisement underscores its accessibility and reach, contrasting with a small advertisement's more targeted or limited audience. The quest for the best advertisement is perpetual, pushing creativity to its limits. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative around the advertisement, shaping how audiences interpret its value and message. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your understanding and discussion of advertisements.
pageThe magazine had a full-page advertisement for the new car.
goodThe company's advertising campaign was a good advertisement for its products.
firstThe first advertisement for television aired in 1941.
publicThe company's public advertisement campaign was highly successful in attracting new customers.
bestThe word-of-mouth is the best advertisement
smallThe company posted a small advertisement in the local newspaper.
singleI was attracted by the single advertisement
recentI saw a recent advertisement for a new car that looks really nice.
particularPeople always remember the particular advertisement they were exposed to.
fullI saw a full advertisement for the new movie during the commercial break.
commercialThe company's new line of clothing will be featured in a commercial advertisement next month.
classifiedThe classified advertisement was hidden in the back of the newspaper.
effectiveThe company launched an effective advertisement campaign to boost sales.
excellentThe excellent advertisement campaign resulted in a significant increase in sales.
originalThe original advertisement for the product was released in 2019.
freeThis promotion offers free advertisement to all new customers.
aboveWe cannot display the above advertisement because it contains harmful content.
betterWe need a better advertisement to increase our sales.
bigThe big advertisement took up the entire page.
printedI saw a printed advertisement for the new movie coming out.
poorThe product is a dud due to poor advertisement
splendidThe splendid advertisement effectively captured the attention of viewers.
mereThe mere advertisement of the product was enough to generate a lot of buzz.
famousThat famous advertisement has been on TV for years.
successfulThe successful advertisement reached millions of viewers.
fineThe fine advertisement caught my attention immediately.
hugeThe huge advertisement covered the entire side of the bus.
wideThe wide advertisement reached a vast audience, spreading the news far and wide.
attractiveThe attractive advertisement caught his eye.
columnThe column advertisement stood out prominently in the newspaper, catching the attention of many readers.
briefHere is a brief advertisement for the upcoming concert.
curiousThe curious advertisement caught my attention.
newspaperI read the newspaper advertisement and decided to apply for the job.
inchThe inch advertisement in the newspaper caught my eye.
paidThe website is primarily funded through paid advertisement
dueSorry, I cannot create a sentence with the phrase 'due advertisement' because it is not a meaningful combination of words.
blindThe blind advertisement was so effective that it generated a lot of buzz without revealing the brand's name.
lineI saw a line advertisement for a new product.
finishedThe finished advertisement was aired during the primetime slot.
boldThe bold advertisements caught my attention immediately.
contemporaryThe contemporary advertisement showcases the innovative features of the new smartphone.
gratuitousThe gratuitous advertisement interrupted the flow of the conversation.
honestThe product's honest advertisement helped boost sales tremendously.
matrimonialI saw a matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper.
prefatoryThe prefatory advertisement did not say much about the book.
earliestThe earliest advertisement for a product dates back to 3000 BC.

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