Adjectives for Affairs

Adjectives For Affairs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing affairs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the word 'affairs' with varying adjectives reveals the multifaceted layers of our world and personal lives. Describing 'affairs' as 'foreign' casts our gaze beyond borders, inviting discussions on diplomacy and global interactions. 'Public affairs' shift the lens to collective societal matters, emphasizing community and shared concerns. When we turn to 'own affairs,' the focus becomes deeply personal, highlighting individual responsibilities and private life. 'Human affairs' urge us to consider the ethical and moral dimensions that govern relationships and interactions. 'Internal affairs' often suggest introspection within organizations or oneself, while 'international affairs' broaden the discussion to encompass worldwide dynamics and relations. Dive deeper into how these and more adjectives enrich our understanding of 'affairs' and their impact on our world.
foreignThe President is in charge of foreign affairs
publicThe public affairs department is responsible for managing the organization's relationships with the media and the public.
ownJohn took care of his own affairs while traveling.
humanMany of the problems in human affairs arise from simple causes.
internalThe internal affairs department is investigating the officer's conduct.
internationalThe diplomat has extensive experience in international affairs
politicalJohn Smith is a political pundit who analyzes the current political affairs in the United States.
domesticThe government is responsible for the domestic affairs of the country.
militaryThe president has a lot of military affairs to take care of.
privateThe company policy states that we should not interfere with employees' private affairs
localThe newspaper spent considerable time covering local affairs
indianThe Bureau of Indian affairs is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior.
economicThe economic affairs of the country are managed by the Ministry of Finance.
financialHe entrusted his financial affairs to an investment counselor.
nationalThe president should be more considerate of the national affairs
externalThe Minister of External affairs will meet with the foreign delegates tomorrow.
currentI'm not interested in current affairs
personalHe was given time off work to resolve his personal affairs
europeanThe European Commission has proposed a new set of measures to strengthen the EU's single market for European affairs
civilCivil affairs personnel were on hand to assist in the transition.
practicalThe meeting covered a variety of practical affairs including budget allocation and staff assignments.
religiousThe new head of religious affairs had a difficult job ahead of them.
civicShe has always been active in civic affairs
ecclesiasticalThe cardinal has been in charge of ecclesiastical affairs for over a decade.
worldlyShe had little time for worldly affairs being absorbed in her spiritual journey.
municipalThe municipal affairs department is responsible for the city's infrastructure and public works.
irishHe was a controversial figure in Irish affairs
temporalThe temporal affairs of our time are fraught with peril.
ordinarySarah tended to her ordinary affairs throughout the day.
colonialThe colonial affairs were for the most part conducted by the British in India.
navalThe Secretary of the Navy oversees all naval affairs including the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
dailyThe newspaper is filled with news about daily affairs
secularSecular affairs are all about the material and non-spiritual aspects of the world.
everydayWe must not let our fears get in the way of our everyday affairs
governmentalThe company hired a lobbyist to represent its interests in governmental affairs
commercialThe company's commercial affairs are managed by a team of experienced professionals.
administrativeThe administrative affairs department is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.
dayHe was busy with the day affairs
africanShe had worked in African affairs for many years.
educationalThe university's educational affairs office is responsible for overseeing all aspects of academic life.
contemporaryThe speaker discussed contemporary affairs and their potential implications.
chineseThe Chinese government has stepped up its crackdown on dissent and human rights across the country and in Chinese affairs worldwide.
asianI'm not sure what you mean by 'Asian affairs'.
nativeThe government has announced a new policy on native affairs
academicThe Office of Academic affairs is responsible for the academic programs and policies of the university.
urbanThe mayor's office is responsible for a wide range of urban affairs including public safety, transportation, and housing.
mundaneThe monotonous and mundane affairs of everyday life can become stifling.
maritimeThe department of maritime affairs is responsible for regulating shipping and navigation.
italianShe had always been involved in Italian affairs
monetaryThe central bank is responsible for conducting monetary affairs
fiscalThe finance minister is responsible for managing the fiscal affairs of the country.
sovietThe expert on soviet affairs was consulted by the government.
corporateThe company's corporate affairs department was responsible for public relations, government relations, and community relations.
parliamentaryAfter a meeting with the parliamentary affairs minister, the prime minister announced a general election.
scottishThe Scottish government has responsibility for Scottish affairs
communalThe Department of Communal affairs works to promote harmony and understanding among different communities.
diplomaticThe minister of diplomatic affairs indulged in a discourse about the recent geopolitical tensions.
mexicanThe Mexican Revolution was a major turning point in Mexican affairs
latinThe Latin affairs division of the Catholic Church is responsible for handling relations with Latin America.
pecuniaryHis knowledge of the subject was extensive and varied, and his pecuniary affairs were in a very satisfactory condition.
southThe Prime Minister will discuss south affairs with the President.
maritalI was not aware of her marital affairs
tribalThe tribal affairs department is responsible for the welfare of the tribal people.
imperialThe emperor discussed imperial affairs with his advisors.
egyptianThe Egyptian military intervened in Egyptian affairs in 1952.
earthlyThe gods took little notice of earthly affairs
arabHe spoke to Arab affairs ministers of the surrounding countries.

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