Adjectives for Affiliate

Adjectives For Affiliate

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing affiliate, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of affiliates through adjectives reveals the vast landscape of associations and partnerships. Choosing the right adjective, such as local, foreign, new, American, or largest, can deeply influence the perception and impact of the noun. With local suggesting proximity and community, foreign introducing an element of diversity, new hinting at fresh opportunities, American specifying national identity, and largest emphasizing scale, each adjective shades the term affiliate with unique nuances. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with affiliate to see how each paints a distinct picture.
localThe local affiliate is expected to air the show at 8 p.m.
foreignThe foreign affiliate is a company that is controlled by a parent company in another country.
newThe new affiliate program is expected to launch next month.
americanThe company has an American affiliate that handles its distribution in the United States.
largestThe largest affiliate of our organization is based in San Francisco.
nationalThe national affiliate of the charity is having a fundraiser.
japaneseThe company has a Japanese affiliate in Osaka that handles its distribution in the country.
canadianThe company is a Canadian affiliate of an international organization.
networkThe network affiliate did not air the special report in its entirety.
overseasMy company's overseas affiliate is based in Dublin.
regionalThe company has regional affiliates in several countries.
britishThe British affiliate of the company is based in London.
ownedThe company owned affiliate businesses in various industries.
frenchThe French affiliate network is one of the largest in the world.
majorThe company has a major affiliate in the United States.
germanThe German affiliate agreed to the terms of the agreement.
mexicanMy Mexican affiliate is helping me build my business.
separateHe operates a separate affiliate website for his company.
minorThe minor affiliate company has been acquired by a larger corporation.
corporateThe corporate affiliate of the company is a major player in the industry.
independentAs an independent affiliate he is responsible for his own marketing and sales.
formerHe used to work for that company as a former affiliate
internationalOur international affiliate in London is responsible for all European operations.
basedThe based affiliate marketed the new product across multiple platforms.
brazilianThe brazilian affiliate program is a great way to make money online.
italianI am working with an Italian affiliate to promote my products.
bavarianThe Bavarian affiliate is a successful regional branch of the company.
closeThe businessman's close affiliate was involved in the financial scandal.
indianI am working with the Indian affiliate of a multinational company.
parentThe parent affiliate for this program is Microsoft's Bing Ads.
southThe new south affiliate will serve as the company's main hub for the region.
stateThe state affiliate of the National Education Association held its annual conference last week.
europeanThe European affiliate is responsible for marketing and sales in Europe.
ableOur company is able affiliate with various businesses
principalThe principal affiliate of the business is located in the city of London.
spanishHe is a Spanish affiliate of our company.
lexicalThe word 'dog' has many lexical affiliates, such as 'canine', 'puppy', and 'hound'.
softThe soft affiliate program provides a way to earn commissions without having to sell your own products or services.
activeThe active affiliate program helped me to earn a lot of money.
separatedShe was a separated affiliate of the organization.
controlledThrough its controlled affiliate Sirenza Micropower, the company deploys small-scale wind turbines to remote locations.
officialAs an official affiliate we were able to participate in exclusive events.
powerfulSupercharge your income with our powerful affiliate program.
educationalThe university has an educational affiliate with the local community college.
domestic"This company collaborates with many domestic affiliates to broaden its business.
latinThe company has a latin affiliate in Brazil.
nonprofitThe company's nonprofit affiliate is dedicated to providing food to the needy.
nearestI will always be your nearest affiliate
australianI'm looking for a reputable Australian affiliate program.
autonomousThe autonomous affiliate has been operating independently for more than a decade.
dutchThe Dutch affiliate of the company is responsible for sales in the Netherlands.
swissI am a Swiss affiliate marketer.
swedishHe is a swedish affiliate
icftuThe ICFTU affiliate has been working to improve the lives of workers in the region for over 50 years.
advisoryThe advisory affiliate provided valuable insights into the company's financial performance.
profitFinding a trustworthy profit affiliate program can be challenging but rewarding.
typicalHe's a typical affiliate of the local chapter.
topThe top affiliate marketer in the world is Pat Flynn.
nonbankThe nonbank affiliate of Goldman Sachs, GS Financial Products LP, was also involved in the reverse repurchase agreements.
communistThe communist affiliate was arrested for espionage.
leagueThe minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs is the South Bend Cubs.
multinationalThe multinational affiliate has offices in over 50 countries.
unregulatedThe unregulated affiliate was selling products that were not approved by the FDA.
biggestI was amazed by his biggest affiliate program and it was unexpected.
unconsolidatedThe accounting principles for unconsolidated affiliates could be different from the accounting principles used by the reporting entity.

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