Adjectives for Agencies

Adjectives For Agencies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing agencies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives to describe agencies can significantly alter the perception and understanding of their role and function. For instance, the adjective other may introduce a sense of mystery or external influence, while federal specifies a national level of operation, often implying a formal, structured, and powerful entity. The term public invites a notion of accessibility and service to the general population, contrasting with various, which highlights diversity or multiplicity. Social suggests a focus on community and societal well-being, whereas governmental emphasizes official status and regulatory authority. Each adjective sets a different tone and context. Explore the full nuances each adjective unveils with our comprehensive list below.
otherWe coordinate with the city and other agencies to combat these offenses.
federalThe federal agencies are investigating the matter.
publicPublic agencies are responsible for providing essential services to the community.
variousThe report was prepared by various agencies
governmentalI spoke with several governmental agencies concerning the matter.
regulatoryThe company is working with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance.
localI have worked with several local agencies on this project.
internationalInternational agencies are working together to provide aid to the disaster-stricken region.
privatePrivate agencies play a crucial role in providing social services to vulnerable populations.
administrativeThe court ruled that the administrative agencies had exceeded their authority.
voluntaryVoluntary agencies provide various services to the community.
severalThere are several agencies involved in the investigation.
specializedThere are many specialized agencies within the United Nations system.
nationalThe national agencies have teamed up to fight the pandemic.
mostMost agencies are struggling to keep up with the demand for skilled workers.
outsideThe company hired outside agencies to conduct the investigation.
officialGovernment officials met with community groups to discuss the issue with state official agencies
independentIndependent agencies are often tasked with regulating specific industries or sectors of the economy.
externalExternal agencies continue to demand detailed information and reports.
educationalParents work alongside other educational agencies to ensure that their children learn.
centralThe central agencies are responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence activities.
regionalLawyers in many states do not know about the regional agencies that select judges.
appropriateThe appropriate agencies were notified of the situation.
executiveExecutive agencies are responsible for carrying out the policies and programs of the federal government.
multilateralMultilateral agencies are international organizations that have members from multiple countries.
numerousNumerous agencies are involved in the project.
environmentalMany environmental agencies are working to protect the planet.
relevantThe relevant agencies are working together to address the issue.
nonprofitNonprofit agencies play a vital role in supporting the most vulnerable in our communities.
separateThe new law will establish separate agencies for criminal justice and human services.
commercialSeveral commercial agencies offer representation for models.
civilianThe civilian agencies did not receive any funding for the program.
relatedThe government worked in coordination with various related agencies to ensure a successful summit.
enforcementThe enforcement agencies have been cracking down on illegal activities in the area.
criminalThe FBI is cracking down on criminal agencies
municipalSeveral municipal agencies are responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure.
specialisedThe United Nations has 16 specialised agencies that work in specific areas.
bureaucraticNumerous bureaucratic agencies maintain their own independent budgets.
statutoryThe city has created several statutory agencies to oversee different areas of public life.
autonomousThe government has several autonomous agencies that operate independently.
temporaryHe found a job through one of the many temporary agencies in the city.
supernaturalI was skeptical of supernatural agencies but the strange occurrences in my home made me question my beliefs.
humanitarianHumanitarian agencies are working to address the needs of refugees and displaced people.
statisticalResearchers rely on data from statistical agencies
charitableCharitable agencies offer a range of social services to help the disadvantaged.
protectiveThe protective agencies were alerted about the potential threat.
interestedGovernment policies often reflect the concerns of interested agencies
responsibleThe primary responsible agencies for reviewing the application will be the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
respectiveThe respective agencies are responsible for implementing the new regulations.
bilateralThe United States and Russia are working through bilateral agencies to reduce nuclear proliferation.
concernedThe concerned agencies are working together to solve the problem.
institutionalThe partnership increased the capacity of the institutional agencies to incorporate effective practices and enhanced access to services by the families.

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