Adjectives for Agent

Adjectives For Agent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing agent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an agent can subtly alter the meaning and tone of a sentence. A free agent conveys independence, while an active agent suggests proactive involvement. The term causative agent specifically denotes something or someone causing an effect, often used in medical or scientific contexts. Describing someone as a real agent underscores their authenticity and effectiveness. The principal agent stands out as the main actor, whereas an oxidizing agent plays a specific role in chemical reactions. Each adjective not only modifies the noun but also enriches the narrative, ensuring the message is precisely conveyed. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'agent' below to uncover the intricacies of each expression.
freeThe firm is looking for a free agent to join their team.
causativeThe causative agent of the disease has not yet been identified.
realThe real agent is working on the case.
principalThe principal agent problem arises when the agent has different interests than the principal.
moralThe moral agent has the capacity to distinguish right from wrong and act accordingly.
singleThe single agent performed the task admirably.
infectiousThe infectious agent was identified as a novel strain of influenza virus.
specialThe special agent had a license to kill.
secretThe secret agent infiltrated the enemy headquarters with ease.
multiThe multi agent system was able to solve the problem more efficiently than the single agent system.
localThe local agent will be able to help you with your needs.
powerfulThe powerful agent secured the contract.
indianThe Indian agent was responsible for negotiating treaties with the Native American tribes.
therapeuticPaclitaxel is a widely used therapeutic agent for the treatment of various cancers.
etiologicThe etiologic agent of Legionnaires' disease is Legionella pneumophila.
chiefThe chief agent was responsible for overseeing the entire operation.
literaryI sent my manuscript to a literary agent in hopes of getting it published.
causalThe causal agent of the disease was not immediately apparent.
britishThe British agent stealthily infiltrated the enemy compound.
doubleThe double agent was discovered due to his suspicious behavior.
potentThe potent agent in the new medication proved effective against a wide range of diseases.
soleThe company is the sole agent for the sale of these products in the country.
primaryThe primary agent of socialization is the family.
anestheticThe anesthetic agent was carefully administered to the patient prior to surgery.
rationalThe rational agent made a decision based on its knowledge and beliefs.
formerThe former agent was deeply involved in intelligence operations.
antimicrobialThe use of antimicrobial agents is essential for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections.
externalThe external agent was responsible for the breach.
diplomaticThe diplomatic agent met with the foreign minister to discuss the peace treaty.
undercoverThe undercover agent infiltrated the enemy's camp to gather intelligence.
toxicThe toxic agent was released into the air, causing widespread panic.
chemotherapeuticThe chemotherapeutic agent interfered with cell division and caused the cells to die.
infectiveThe infective agent was a type of bacteria.
confidentialThe confidential agent delivered the top-secret documents to the ambassador.
intelligentThe intelligent agent responded to the user's query with relevant and helpful information.
commercialThe commercial agent negotiated the sale of the property on behalf of the vendor.
responsibleThe responsible agent for this action is John Doe.
fiscalThe fiscal agent processed the payments for the project.
oralMy doctor said that I should take an oral agent to lower my blood pressure.
etiologicalThe etiological agent of the disease has not yet been identified.
offendingThe offending agent was determined to be a virus.
sovietShe gathered her papers and noted a man in a trench coat lurking nearby, a suspected Soviet agent
federalThe federal agent flashed his badge and demanded to see identification.
usefulThe useful agent can be used to help you with various tasks.
biologicalThe biological agent caused a widespread outbreak of the disease.
independentThe independent agent is responsible for completing the task on time.
antibacterialThe antibacterial agent was effective in killing the bacteria.
inflammatoryThe doctor prescribed an antihistamine to reduce the inflammatory agent in her system.
suitablePlease provide a suitable agent to perform the task.
subThe sub agent was responsible for coordinating the travel arrangements.
potentialThe potential agent of the disease has not yet been identified.
efficientThe efficient agent completed the task in record time.
topicalThe topical agent applied twice daily effectively reduced the rash.
adrenergic"Isoproterenol is a nonselective adrenergic agent that stimulates both alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptors."
antihypertensiveThe antihypertensive agent is used to treat high blood pressure.
valuableThe real estate agent was a valuable agent for the buyers and sellers.
bindingThe binding agent in the paint ensured that the pigments adhered to the surface.
antiviralThe antiviral agent was effective in treating the virus.
anaestheticThe anaesthetic agent was used to render the patient unconscious.
autonomousThe autonomous agent navigated the environment without human intervention.
idealThe ideal agent is a highly motivated and results-oriented individual.
agriculturalThe agricultural agent provided guidance to the farmers on the best practices for crop production.
russianI wonder if the so-called russian agent was really a spy.
selectiveNatural selection is a process in which environmental factors act as selective agents to determine which traits are passed on to the next generation.
consularThe consular agent helped the American citizens who were stranded in the foreign country.

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