Adjectives for Agreement

Adjectives For Agreement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing agreement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an agreement can subtly change its meaning, influencing the reader's perception. A general agreement might lack specifics, while a good one implies benefits for all parties involved. A mutual agreement emphasizes joint consensus, whereas an international agreement spans across borders, affecting nations. A complete agreement leaves no topic untouched, ensuring thorough understanding. Meanwhile, a collective agreement showcases unity, often found in societal or organizational contexts. These nuances highlight the importance of adjective selection to convey precise meanings. Discover the wide range of adjectives used with 'agreement' for more insightful distinctions.
generalThere was general agreement that the project was a success.
goodThe two parties came to a good agreement after long negotiations.
mutualWe came to a mutual agreement on the terms of the contract.
internationalThe international agreement was signed by all the participating countries.
completeThey agreed to the terms in complete agreement
collectiveThe employees and management reached a collective agreement on wages and benefits.
writtenShe asked me to sign a written agreement before she would give me a loan.
closeThe two reports were in close agreement
excellentWe have reached an excellent agreement on this issue.
fullWe came to a full agreement on the terms of the contract.
formalThe formal agreement was signed by both parties after lengthy negotiations.
finalThe final agreement between the two parties was reached after lengthy negotiations.
substantialThe two parties came to a substantial agreement on the terms of the contract.
reasonableThe two analyses showed reasonable agreement
commonThe contract was legally binding, with common agreement from all parties involved.
unanimousThe committee reached a unanimous agreement on the proposed budget.
perfectTheir perfect agreement on every issue was uncanny.
universalUniversal agreement is the consensus of all members of a group.
originalThe original agreement was revised to include the new clause.
tacitThe tacit agreement between the two parties was to avoid discussing the matter further.
bilateralThe two companies signed a bilateral agreement to collaborate on the development of new products.
satisfactoryThe terms of the contract were described as being in satisfactory agreement
secretThe two companies had a secret agreement to share their research findings.
broadThere was broad agreement that the new policy would be beneficial.
widespreadThere was widespread agreement on the need for reform.
betterThey discovered better agreement in their relationship throughout therapy.
voluntaryThe two parties came to a voluntary agreement
verbalWe had a verbal agreement to meet at the park.
jointThe joint agreement between the two companies was beneficial to both parties.
basicWe reached a basic agreement on the terms of the contract.
contractualThe contractual agreement between the parties clearly outlined the terms of their collaboration.
qualitativeThe researchers observed qualitative agreement in their findings.
priorThey were able to board the plane without delay thanks to prior agreement
fairThe two sides reached fair agreement on the disputed territory.
entireThe parties agreed that this contract constitutes the entire agreement between them.
separateWe need a separate agreement before we can proceed.
lessDespite reaching a compromise, there was still less agreement on the final details of the contract.
yearWe drafted a year agreement with the contractor.
leaseThis month's lease agreement was put up on the bulletin board of the office building.
previousLet's stick to the previous agreement
bindingThe binding agreement was signed by all parties involved.
wideThere is wide agreement on the importance of education.
multilateralThe multilateral agreement was signed by all the participating countries.
cooperativeThe cooperative agreement between the two organizations will allow them to share resources and expertise.
preliminaryThe two parties have only reached a preliminary agreement and are still discussing the financial details.
essentialThe two parties arrived at an essential agreement without any major disagreements.
overallThere was strong overall agreement
quantitativeThe quantitative agreement between the two measurements was high.
fireWe entered into a fire agreement with the fire department to ensure the safety of our building.
remarkableThe two parties reached a remarkable agreement on the issue.
comprehensiveThe two sides did not reach a comprehensive agreement
informalWe have an informal agreement to meet for coffee every Tuesday.
commercialThe commercial agreement between the two companies was finally signed last week.
fundamentalThe fundamental agreement was reached between the two parties after months of negotiation.
sovietThere was a new Soviet agreement on nuclear testing.
tentativeThe two sides reached a tentative agreement on the new contract.
interimThe parties reached an interim agreement on the terms of the contract.
exactThe two measurements were in exact agreement
prenuptialThe couple decided to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married.
negotiatedThe two parties reached a negotiated agreement after many hours of discussion.
reciprocalThe two organizations have a reciprocal agreement to recognize each other's credentials.
subsequentThe subsequent agreement between the two parties was binding and legally enforceable.
definiteThey reached a definite agreement regarding the project.
termThe two parties agreed to a three-year term agreement
explicitThe contract outlines an explicit agreement between the two parties.
unspokenThey had an unspoken agreement not to talk about the incident.
partialWe came to a partial agreement on the terms of the contract.
executiveThe executive agreement was signed by the President and the Prime Minister.

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