Adjectives for Agreements

Adjectives For Agreements

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing agreements, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective can profoundly change the meaning and perception of 'agreements'. For instance, 'international agreements' evoke a sense of global cooperation, while 'bilateral agreements' focus on partnerships between two entities. 'Collective agreements' suggest unity and shared goals among multiple parties. The nuance afforded by adjectives like 'regional' and 'multilateral' further paints a picture of scale and scope, indicating the geographical or participatory breadth of the agreements in question. Each adjective adds a layer of specificity, shaping how we understand the nature and implications of the agreements being discussed. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly associated with 'agreements' and the rich contexts they imply below.
internationalThe UN is responsible for enforcing international agreements
suchWe must admit that such agreements are just a way to lure in new customers.
bilateralThe bilateral agreements were signed last week.
regionalRegional agreements are important for cooperation and development.
multilateralCountries around the world have signed multilateral agreements to reduce emissions and combat climate change.
formalThe two companies had formal agreements for a merger.
voluntaryThe European Commission has concluded a number of voluntary agreements with industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
contractualThe company has a long history of abiding by its contractual agreements
relevantWe have reviewed the relevant agreements to ensure we are compliant.
cooperativeThe state and federal government often enter into cooperative agreements in order to address environmental concerns.
specialWe had special agreements with our contractors for the construction of the building.
freeWe reached free agreements on all key issues.
environmentalThe key to the effectiveness of the Montreal Protocol and many other international environmental agreements is the creation of a level playing field for all countries.
economicThe economic agreements reached at the conference benefited all parties involved.
similarWe reached similar agreements with our clients.
secretThe meeting was held in secret to discuss secret agreements
mutualThey came to a mutual agreements after hours of deliberation.
separateWe have entered into separate agreements with each of our suppliers.
termWe have reached term agreements on the sale of our company.
commercialThe company has entered into several commercial agreements with other companies.
executiveThe President can make executive agreements with other countries.
jointThe joint agreements were signed by both parties.
privateThe company's private agreements with its suppliers restrict them from doing business with competitors.
previousPlease contact us about our previous agreements
informalWe have reached informal agreements with the local authorities.
preferentialThe government has implemented preferential agreements with other countries to facilitate trade and investment.
restrictiveThe company's restrictive agreements prevented its employees from working for competitors.
legalThe company was found to be in violation of its legal agreements
subsequentThe subsequent agreements were signed by both parties, ensuring the smooth transition of ownership.
bindingWe have reached binding agreements with all parties involved.
verbalThe contract was based on verbal agreements between the two parties.
exclusiveThe company has exclusive agreements with several suppliers.
intergovernmentalIntergovernmental agreements are a type of international agreement that is entered into between two or more governments.
futureWe need to discuss future agreements
earlierWe hereby agree to be bound to all earlier agreements between us.
sharingThe company has entered into several sharing agreements with other businesses.
priorThe company canceled the contract due to prior agreements
numerousThere were numerous agreements made between the two parties.
leaseThe lease agreements were signed and notarized yesterday.
technicalTechnical agreements between countries ensure smooth trade and economic cooperation
levelOur goal is to improve the quality of operational level agreements and drive efficiency through automation.
tradeThey are working hard to reach a consensus on trade agreements
globalGlobal agreements are essential for addressing global challenges.
verticalVertical agreements are agreements between companies at different levels of the supply chain.
rentalThe rental agreements were signed and notarized.
explicitThey made explicit agreements to meet again the following week.
prenuptialPrenuptial agreements are legal contracts, entered into prior to marriage.
managementThe company has entered into several management agreements with other companies.
collusiveThe companies engaged in collusive agreements to fix prices and divide the market.
sectoralThe government has signed sectoral agreements with various industries to promote sustainable practices.
horizontalHorizontal agreements are agreements between competitors that restrict competition.
relatedWe are not obliged to comply with related agreements
nondisclosureMany companies require employees to sign nondisclosure agreements
collaborativeThe company signed collaborative agreements with several partners to develop new products.
comprehensiveWe need to make sure to come to a set of comprehensive agreements
yearThe two sides signed a pair of three year agreements
calledAlthough the two companies had many similarities, they could not implement the called agreements
purchaseWe signed several purchase agreements with our suppliers last month.

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