Adjectives for Aids

Adjectives For Aids

Discover the most descriptive adjectives for aids used in sentences, enhancing your understanding and usage. From visual to mechanical aids, explore how adjectives like other, such, and more uniquely qualify aids, enriching your vocabulary and insights. Ideal for educators, students, and professionals seeking precise expressions.

visualThe teacher used visual aids to help students understand the lesson.
otherThe house was not fully accessible, with no ramps or other aids for people with disabilities.
mechanicalThe researchers used a variety of mechanical aids to help them with their work.
navigationalThe ship relied heavily on navigational aids to navigate the treacherous waters.
audiovisualIt would be easier to understand if you used some audiovisual aids during your presentation.
diagnosticX-ray and computed tomography (CT) scans are common diagnostic aids in identifying lung cancer.
valuableThe valuable aids were tucked away in the attic.
variousShe used various aids to help her complete the task.
importantThese important aids can sometimes be difficult to access and can only be obtained by prescription, so it is vital to ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist about options.
externalThe use of external aids is not allowed during the exam.
artificialThe student's use of artificial aids in the exam was not allowed.
usefulThe useful aids provided by the teacher made learning the subject matter much easier.
technicalThe use of technical aids can greatly improve the efficiency of production.
instructionalThe teacher used instructional aids to help the students understand the lesson.
specialThe school provided several special aids to help the children with their education.
electronicElectronic aids have become indispensable for many people.
modernThe use of modern aids has greatly simplified our lives.
blownThe strong winds have blown aids off the trees and into the streets.
additionalThe student used additional aids to complete the exam.
financialStudents are expected to file for financial aids on time.
technologicalTechnological aids are used in many fields to improve efficiency and productivity.
powerfulThese powerful aids can help you achieve your goals.
educationalThe teacher showed us some new educational aids that she had just received.
effectiveEffective aids can greatly improve the quality of life for those with disabilities.
graphicThe presentation included a variety of graphic aids such as charts and diagrams, to help illustrate the data.
ergogenicCertain ergogenic aids such as caffeine, can improve performance during exercise.
pediatricPediatric aids are designed to help children with disabilities participate in everyday activities.
invaluableThe internet and the smartphone are invaluable aids in today's world.
opticalPeople with vision impairments often rely on optical aids to improve their eyesight.
appropriateThe teacher used the appropriate aids to keep the class engaged.
bibliographicalThe library possesses a thorough collection of bibliographical aids
necessaryThe teacher provided the necessary aids to help the students learn.
availableThe available aids can be of great help for people with disabilities.
adventitiousAdventitious aids can assist in achieving desired outcomes efficiently.
sensoryThe teacher used sensory aids like colorful charts and diagrams to make learning more engaging.
feudalThe king raised feudal aids three times during his reign
practicalPractical aids such as assistive devices and technologies, can help individuals with disabilities live more independently.
helpfulThe helpful aids can complete the work quickly and easily.
promotionalThe company used various promotional aids to increase sales.
uniqueThis painting has unique aids which increase its value.
auxiliaryIndividuals with disabilities are entitled to request auxiliary aids and services.
advancedThe company was using advanced aids to enhance productivity.
excellentThe doctor's excellent aids helped him to diagnose the patient correctly.
conventionalThe team has developed several conventional aids to help members connect with clients.
indispensableNumerous indispensable aids are available to enhance the relocation process.
basedThe hospital provided based aids to the patients.
essentialEssential aids helped me improve my overall health.
binauralBinaural aids provide an immersive listening experience that traditional headphones cannot match.
bibliographicThe bibliographic aids were essential for the research project.
audioThe student's audio aids helped him to understand the lecture.
preMy father always kept this medicine in case of pre aids
digestiveDigestive aids are used to help the body break down and absorb nutrients from food.
digitalDigital aids are transforming the way we live and work.
sophisticatedThe researchers used sophisticated aids to analyze the data.
graphicalThe report used graphical aids to illustrate its findings.
suitableStudents with a disability may be provided suitable aids
supplementaryThe student has been using supplementary aids and is due for a reevaluation.
ambulatoryThe physical therapist suggested that the patient use ambulatory aids such as a cane or walker, to improve their mobility.

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