Adjectives for Alternative

Adjectives For Alternative

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing alternative, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'alternative' can subtly shift its meaning and impact. An 'only alternative' might imply a lack of choice, painting a scenario as a last resort. Conversely, a 'viable alternative' suggests a practical and achievable option, infusing a sense of optimism. Terms like 'second' or 'third alternative' introduce a hierarchy of options, indicating preference and suitability. Describing something as the 'best alternative' elevates its status, making it the preferred choice among many. The 'latter alternative' might be used to compare two options, directing attention to the second of two choices. Each adjective nuances 'alternative' in its own unique way, coloring the context in which it is used. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover how they can fine-tune the meaning of 'alternative'.
secondThe second alternative is often the better choice.
viableThis is a viable alternative to conventional agriculture.
thirdWhen given two options, there is always a third alternative to consider.
bestThat is probably the best alternative out of the lot.
latterThe latter alternative proved to be more favorable than the first.
attractiveThe more attractive alternative is to go for a walk.
betterThis is a better alternative to the original plan.
possibleThe possible alternative is not feasible at this time.
acceptableThe use of artificial sweeteners is an acceptable alternative to sugar in food and beverages.
realThe benefits of the real alternative are immeasurable.
effectiveAn effective alternative is to use a different method.
reasonableThe investment strategy of the company has always been a reasonable alternative
practicalThe most practical alternative was to use a hammer.
formerThe former alternative was not as good as I thought it would be.
preferredThe preferred alternative will reduce production costs.
feasible"I should consider that feasible alternative."
usefulHaving a useful alternative can save you time and effort.
obviousThe obvious alternative was to take the bus.
realisticThe most realistic alternative is to lower expectations.
suitableWe will provide you with a suitable alternative as soon as possible.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory alternative was to use a different approach.
interestingI found an interesting alternative to the traditional method.
radicalThe radical alternative had the potential to transform society.
safeThe safe alternative is to use a password manager.
popularThe popular alternative to baking powder is baking soda.
promisingThe promising alternative is sure to be a success.
desirableThe desirable alternative was the only choice left.
expensiveThe expensive alternative would be to hire a professional.
democraticThe democratic alternative to authoritarianism is a government that protects the rights of its citizens.
cheaperThe cheaper alternative is often just as good as the more expensive option
positiveLet's focus on finding positive alternatives to our current situation.
preferableThe preferable alternative would be to explore other options.
clearThe mounting evidence offers a clear alternative to the traditional view.
availableThere is an available alternative that might be a better fit for your needs.
logicalThe theorem is either true or false, by logical alternative
excellentThe excellent alternative is a great choice.
plausibleThere are many plausible alternatives to the proposed solution.
appropriateThe appropriate alternative was chosen for the project.
fourthChoose the fourth alternative if none of the other choices is correct.
costThe cost alternative is not always the best option.
leastThe least alternative is often the best choice.
genuineExploring this genuine alternative opened up new possibilities for me.
credibleThe article provided a credible alternative to the traditional view of history.
superiorHis newer model was a superior alternative to the previous one.
saferThe FDA is looking into a safer alternative to the drug.
likelyGovernment grants are a likely alternative to obtaining funds from private investors.
efficientThe most efficient alternative would be to purchase a new appliance.
correctThe correct alternative is 10.
soleThe sole alternative was to accept the terms of the agreement.
socialistThe socialist alternative failed to gain much traction with voters.
workableThe proposed solution provides a workable alternative to the current system.
rationalIt is a rational alternative to fossil fuels.
convenientThis shop is a convenient alternative to the grocery store.
economicalThe economical alternative is highly efficient.
simplerThe simpler alternative is preferable in most cases.
inexpensive3D printing is an inexpensive alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.
valuableThe valuable alternative to costly consultants is our free online guidance.
costlyThe costly alternative would be to replace the entire system.
cheapWe are looking for a cheap alternative to the expensive brand-name product.
constructiveWe should consider a more constructive alternative to this plan.
welcomeThat is a welcome alternative to the usual method.
dreadfulThe dreadful alternative is to face the consequences.
sensibleA sensible alternative to using harsh chemicals is to opt for natural cleaning solutions.
therapeuticYoga is a therapeutic alternative to medication for stress-related illness.
easyThere is an easy alternative to this problem.
coherentThe coherent alternative would be to use a different approach.

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