Adjectives for American

Adjectives For American

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing american, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with 'American' reveals a rich tapestry of cultural, geographical, and societal nuance. Terms like 'inter-American' hint at cross-continental relationships and politics, while 'African-American' speaks to a deeply rooted history and community. 'Spanish-American' bridges continents and cultures, blending languages and traditions. 'Afro-American' and 'Anglo-American', each convey unique heritages and experiences bound within the American identity. 'Pan-American', on the other hand, suggests a unifying aspect across the Americas. Each adjective paints a distinct picture of the diverse facets of American life, history, and people. Discover the full diversity and depth of the American experience through the complete list of adjectives below.
africanThe African american community has a rich history and culture.
spanishThe Spanish american War took place between the United States and Spain from 1898 to 1899.
afroThe Afro american community has made significant contributions to American history and culture.
panPan american is a company that offers travel services.
averageThe average american consumes around 34 gallons of beer per year.
mexicanThe Mexican american family has been living in the United States for generations.
youngThe young american spent most of his free time exploring the new city.
germanHe is a German american
antiThe anti american sentiment in the country is growing.
japaneseThe Japanese american woman was born in the United States.
latinLatin american culture is a beautiful blend of indigenous, European, and African influences.
nativeThe Native american tribe lived in harmony with the land.
irishMy friend's grandparents are Irish american
typicalThe typical american lifestyle includes a heavy reliance on cars.
blackThe black american community has faced many challenges throughout history.
russianShe is a young Russian american woman.
chineseI'm a Chinese american
trueThe true american spirit is one of resilience and determination.
asianAsian american culture is rich and diverse.
canadianThe Canadian american border is the longest undefended border in the world.
britishThe British american Tobacco company is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.
italianThe Italian american actor was nominated for an Academy Award.
proThe pro american group is very patriotic.
europeanThe European american population in the United States is approximately 198 million.
hispanicThe young hispanic american boy ran quickly through the park.
cubanThe Cuban american population in the United States has grown significantly in recent years.
norwegianThe Norwegian american is a weekly Norwegian-language newspaper published in Northfield, Minnesota.
peculiarlyThe peculiarly american habit of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches has spread to other countries.
generationGeneration american is a non-profit organization that helps immigrants become American citizens.
koreanThe Korean american family had a delicious dinner.
hamburgThe Hamburg american Line was a German passenger shipping company founded in 1847.
richThe rich american bought a new car.
polishThere are many Polish Americans living in Chicago.
bornShe is born american
patrioticThe patriotic american stood proudly by the flag.
uniquelyThe Fourth of July is a uniquely american holiday.
loyalThe loyal american citizen stood by his country through thick and thin.
northThe North american continent is home to a wide variety of wildlife.
arabThe Arab american community is rich in culture and tradition.
swedishMy Swedish american friend loves to eat meatballs.
tallThe tall american stood out in the crowd of shorter Europeans.
coloredMy colored american friend is a great guy.
wealthyThe wealthy american donated millions of dollars to charity.
midThe board chairman is the former chairman and chief executive of Mid american Bank of Oklahoma.
fellowThe fellow Americans were friendly and welcoming.
distinctivelyThe Fourth of July fireworks are a distinctively american tradition.
distinguishedThe distinguished american was honored with a prestigious award.
naturalizedMaria became a naturalized american in 2004.
intelligentThe intelligent american man quickly realized the importance of education.
prominentThat prominent american is a famous actor.
representativeThe representative american is a hard-working individual who is proud of their country.
bloodedThe blooded american fought bravely during the war.
australianThe Australian american Leadership Dialogue aims to strengthen ties between Australia and the United States.

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