Adjectives for Amount

Adjectives For Amount

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing amount, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an amount can significantly alter the tone and precision of your sentence. A certain amount suggests specificity and focus, a small amount minimizes scale, while a large amount emphasizes abundance. The total amount invites a sense of completeness, and a considerable amount conveys significance without specifying quantity. Using the same amount implies comparison and consistency. Each adjective lends a unique flavor and depth, tweaking the reader's understanding and anticipation. Dive deeper into how different adjectives shape the context and implication when paired with 'amount' in our comprehensive list below.
certainA certain amount of uncertainty surrounds the results.
smallI added a small amount of salt to the soup.
largeThe store was offering a large amount of discounts on its products.
totalI must pay the total amount of my credit card bill by the due date.
considerableShe has a considerable amount of experience in the field.
sameI worked the same amount of hours as my coworker.
vastThe library had a vast amount of books.
enormousThe enormous amount of data collected from the experiment was overwhelming.
significantWe had a significant amount of trouble finding the lost dog.
maximumThe maximum amount of money you can withdraw per day is $1,000.
fairI have a fair amount of experience in this field.
greaterThe greater amount of rainfall this year has caused flooding in the area.
limitedThe limited amount of time he spent with his family made him realize he needed to change his priorities.
minimumIn order to qualify for the discount, you must spend the minimum amount
substantialThe company has invested a substantial amount in research and development.
averageThe average amount of rainfall in the region is about 10 inches per year.
equalThe two teams received an equal amount of money.
greatestThe greatest amount of time was spent on research.
fullPlease pay the full amount by the due date.
tremendousThe students have to read a tremendous amount of books this semester.
largerI need a larger amount of money to buy a new laptop.
sufficientThe company had a sufficient amount of money to cover its expenses.
immenseThe immense amount of pressure bore down on him.
leastOne should use the least amount of ink necessary.
actualThe actual amount of the bill was higher than I expected.
reasonableHe spent a reasonable amount of time on his work.
exactThe exact amount of money spent on research and development is not known.
rightAdd the right amount of salt to taste.
hugeThe company spent a huge amount on the new project.
moderateThe building required a moderate amount of foundation work.
largestThe largest amount of rainfall was recorded in the coastal regions.
excessiveThe excessive amount of rainfall caused flooding in the city.
smallerI would prefer to buy a smaller amount of fruit this week.
relativeThe relative amount of sugar in the drink was 10%.
entireThe entire amount of the loan was repaid within a year.
equivalentThe equivalent amount of money was invested in the new project.
minimalUse the minimal amount of resources for this task.
appreciableWe have received an appreciable amount of donations this year.
netThe total net amount of our sales was (\$100,000).
appropriateThe doctor prescribed an appropriate amount of medication for the patient's condition.
correctI paid the correct amount for the groceries.
smallestThe smallest amount of change I had was a nickel.
adequateThe company's profits demonstrate an adequate amount of growth.
annualThe annual amount of rainfall in the region is 40 inches.
absoluteThe absolute amount of the measurement was 10.
inordinateShe spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about her appearance.
slightShe added a slight amount of salt to the soup.
usualHe only had a third of his usual amount of coffee today.
definiteI need a definite amount of money to buy this book.
necessaryHe took the necessary amount of water to stay hydrated.
unusualThe sudden appearance of an unusual amount of fog surprised the town.
surprisingWe were surprised by the surprising amount of snow this morning.
extraordinaryThe botanist was astounded by the extraordinary amount of diversity in the rainforest ecosystem.
variableThe variable amount of money in the account was a surprise to me.
grossThe gross amount of the invoice is $1,000.
modestHe earned a modest amount of money from his part-time job.
correspondingPlease send the corresponding amount via wire transfer.
incredibleIt's hard to imagine the incredible amount of time it took to build the pyramids.
lesserThe lesser amount of time spent on social media, the more productive one can be.
extraI received an extra amount of money in my paycheck.
negligibleThe negligible amount of coffee in the cup was barely enough for a sip.
requisiteBefore opening a file, you should check if it exists and make sure you have the requisite amount of privileges.
finiteThe finite amount of time we have on Earth should be spent wisely.
nominalHe paid back a nominal amount of the debt.
generousShe added a generous amount of spices to the dish.
preciseThe precise amount of the damage is still unknown.
massiveThe company has a massive amount of data to process.
infiniteThe universe holds an infinite amount of mysteries yet to be discovered.
tinyThe tiny amount of money I have left will be gone soon.
optimalThe optimal amount of water for a healthy adult is eight glasses per day.
minuteShe only needs a minute amount of water to survive, so she is not very demanding.
excessHe spent an excess amount of money on his new car.
unlimitedThe internet provides me with an unlimited amount of information.
amazingThe artist's passion for painting yielded an amazing amount of masterpieces.
insufficientWe were unable to process your request due to an insufficient amount of funds.

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