Adjectives for Analysis

Adjectives For Analysis

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing analysis, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an analysis can significantly alter the perception of its depth, accuracy, and utility. A detailed analysis suggests thoroughness and comprehensive examination, while a statistical analysis emphasizes the importance of data and numbers. When referring to the final analysis, it conveys a sense of conclusiveness. Similarly, a quantitative analysis highlights the measurement and quantity aspect of the research, whereas an economic analysis focuses on financial implications. Engaging in a further analysis indicates ongoing examination or additional scrutiny. Each adjective opens a unique perspective, painting the analysis in different strokes of seriousness, scope, and specificity. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform the way an analysis is viewed, understood, and utilized.
detailedThe detailed analysis revealed a significant difference between the two groups.
statisticalThe research team conducted a statistical analysis to determine the significance of the findings.
finalIn the final analysis the team's success was due to their hard work and dedication.
quantitativeThis year's quantitative analysis includes data from the last five years.
economicThe economic analysis of the project showed that it was not viable.
furtherFurther analysis is required to determine the exact cause of the problem.
comparativeThe comparative analysis revealed that the two sets of data were significantly different.
criticalThe critical analysis of the data revealed several significant trends.
lastThe doctor's last analysis on my report was very promising.
carefulThe careful analysis of data allowed us to make informed decisions.
contentThe researcher used content analysis to examine the themes in the speeches of political candidates.
structuralThis issue arises from structural analysis often being used as a criterion to justify design decisions.
theoreticalThe theoretical analysis of the data suggests that the results are valid.
qualitativeThrough qualitative analysis researchers can gain valuable insights into the underlying causes of a phenomenon.
benefitThe results of the benefit analysis are very promising..
functionalFunctional analysis is a branch of mathematics that studies function spaces and operators on them.
historicalThe student's historical analysis of the Vietnam War was very detailed.
multivariateMultivariate analysis is a statistical technique used to analyze data with multiple dependent variables.
completeThe complete analysis of the data revealed several key insights.
psychoPsycho analysis seeks to understand the complex workings of the mind and how it influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
empiricalEmpirical analysis provides valuable insights into the relationship between variables.
thoroughShe enforced a thorough analysis of the problem before making a decision.
geneticThe genetic analysis revealed a rare mutation in the patient's DNA.
mathematicalMathematical analysis is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of real-valued functions.
systematicThe systematic analysis of data revealed significant trends and patterns.
aboveThe above analysis shows that the company is in a strong financial position.
subsequentThe subsequent analysis raised several important questions.
preliminaryThe preliminary analysis suggests a high potential for success.
dimensionalDimensional analysis is a method of checking the validity of an equation by examining its units.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive analysis of the data revealed several significant trends.
scientificThe scientific analysis led to the discovery of a new element.
psychologicalThe therapist conducted a thorough psychological analysis to understand the underlying causes of the patient's anxiety.
logicalLogical analysis provides a structured approach to problem-solving.
numericalThe paper focuses on the accuracy and the convergence order of the proposed numerical analysis approach applied to the solution of the nonlinear problem.
rayX-ray analysis revealed a comminuted fracture of the left distal radius.
formalThe formal analysis of the artwork revealed its hidden complexities.
multipleThis research provided multiple analysis of the data
linguisticThe linguistic analysis of the text revealed its underlying structure.
sociologicalThe sociological analysis of the data revealed significant patterns of inequality within the community.
financialThe financial analysis was thorough and insightful.
linearLinear analysis revealed a strong correlation between the two variables.
experimentalThe experimental analysis of behavior (EAB) is a scientific approach to understanding the laws that govern behavior.
principalPrincipal analysis is a statistical technique that can be used to reduce the dimensionality of data.
dynamicDynamic analysis enabled proactive prevention by monitoring resource utilization, identifying performance bottlenecks, and anticipating potential errors.
extensiveOur extensive analysis of the data led us to a groundbreaking conclusion.
briefA brief analysis of the data revealed that the average age of the participants was 35.
rigorousThe team completed rigorous analysis to ensure the success of their new product launch.
costThe cost analysis will provide valuable insights into the project's financial viability.
finiteFinite analysis has provided valuable insights into the genetic basis of complex diseases.
staticStatic analysis can identify potential problems before code is even run.
conceptualConceptual analysis is the practice of critically examining the meaning of concepts.
foregoingThe foregoing analysis provides insights into the subject matter discussed in the paper.
spatialSpatial analysis is a process that involves examining the relationships between spatial data in order to uncover patterns and trends.
textualTextual analysis revealed important patterns in the data.
objectiveThe objective analysis of the data suggests a correlation between the two variables.
spectralSpectral analysis is the study of the absorption and emission of light by a material.
closeA close analysis of the text revealed subtle patterns and themes.
ultimateThe ultimate analysis of the coal was performed to determine its heating value.
technicalTechnical analysis is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated from market activity.
philosophicalPhilosophical analysis involves studying the meaning and logical structure of ideas.
rationalThe rational analysis of the data led to a more informed decision.
depthAn in-depth analysis of the data was conducted.
excellentThe excellent analysis provided valuable insights into the problem.
basedThe based analysis of the data showed a significant increase in sales.
discriminantDiscriminant analysis is a statistical technique used to classify objects into different groups based on their characteristics.
retrospectiveWe conducted a retrospective analysis of the data to identify trends and patterns.
accurateThe accurate analysis provided valuable insights into the project's progress.
descriptiveThe descriptive analysis revealed intricate patterns and subtle nuances within the data.
molecularMolecular analysis revealed the presence of a novel gene variant.
semanticThe semantic analysis of a sentence reveals its deeper meaning.
closerThe analysts conducted a closer analysis of the data to gain a deeper understanding.
causalCausal analysis is a method of investigating the causes of a problem or event.
wayThe presentation provided insightful way analysis to solve the company's performance issue.
conventionalConventional analysis leads to a finer appreciation of the underlying issues.
sophisticatedThe sophisticated analysis revealed hidden patterns and insights within the data.
chemicalThe chemical analysis revealed the presence of trace elements.
fourierFourier analysis is a mathematical technique used to decompose a function into a sum of simpler components.
thermalThermal analysis is a powerful technique that allows scientists to study the physical properties of materials as they are heated or cooled.

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