Adjectives for Announcement

Adjectives For Announcement

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing announcement, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of communication, the impact of an announcement can vastly differ based on the adjectives that precede it. A public announcement carries the weight of community engagement, drawing the attention of a wide audience. An official announcement, on the other hand, holds a seal of authority, often bringing critical information or changes. The excitement surrounding a first announcement is palpable, as it marks the beginning of a journey or introduces something novel. A formal announcement adds a touch of solemnity and significance, signaling the importance of the message conveyed. Speaking of significance, an important announcement demands immediate attention and action, distinguishing itself from the mundane. Lastly, a startling announcement disrupts, shocks, and provokes thought in ways few others can. Each adjective, enriching the noun with unique shades of meaning, crafts a distinctive atmosphere before the message is even delivered. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'announcement' to master the art of impactful communication.
publicThere will be a public announcement about the new library opening next month.
officialThe official announcement was made by the company's CEO.
firstThe annual meeting will be held in Tokyo, as per first announcement
formalThe formal announcement will be made at the press conference.
importantThere is an important announcement to be made.
startlingThe CEO made a startling announcement about the company's financial performance.
brief"Surprise!" the birthday boy said with a brief announcement
mereThe mere announcement of the new product sent the stock prices soaring.
recentThe recent announcement raised many questions.
suddenThe sudden announcement of the company's closure came as a shock to its employees.
simpleThe simple announcement was made without fanfare.
dramaticThe dramatic announcement reverberated through the auditorium, eliciting both excitement and trepidation.
specialWe have a special announcement to make.
initialThe initial announcement did not provide enough information about the event.
preliminaryThe preliminary announcement of the sale was made last week.
unexpectedThe unexpected announcement sent shockwaves through the community.
originalI was excited to learn about the original announcement of the new movie.
finalThe final announcement for the flight will be made in 30 minutes.
similarThe company made a similar announcement last year.
prematureThe premature announcement of the winner marred the award ceremony.
previousWe apologize for any inconvenience caused by the previous announcement
bigI have a big announcement to make.
propheticThe old man's prophetic announcement sent shivers down the spine of the young king.
jointThe two companies made a joint announcement regarding their merger.
solemnThe principal made a solemn announcement to the students about the upcoming exams.
definiteThe definite announcement was made at the press conference.
priorThe meeting was canceled without prior announcement
momentousThe CEO graced us with his momentous announcement that all employees would receive a bonus.
immediateThe immediate announcement of the new policy surprised many.
bareThe bare announcement was met with a chorus of boos.
clearThe clear announcement from the principal was easy to understand.
commercialI can't miss tonight's commercial announcement for the new car.
preI'm sorry, but I can't generate a sentence with the term "pre announcement"
earlierHe missed the bus due to the earlier announcement
abruptThe district attorney's abrupt announcement about the case shocked everyone in the courtroom.
boldThe CEO made a bold announcement at the press conference.
surprisingThe surprising announcement sent shockwaves through the community.
historicThe historic announcement was met with cheers and applause.
presidentialThe presidential announcement was made at the White House.
subsequentThis email serves as a subsequent announcement for the upcoming event.
terseA terse announcement echoed through the deserted streets.
sovietThe soviet announcement was not clear enough.
welcomeThe welcome announcement was met with much excitement and applause.
annualThe annual announcement was made by the CEO at the company's headquarters.
recordedThe recorded announcement blared through the loudspeakers, its robotic voice echoing through the vast terminal.
sadThe sad announcement was met with silence.
extraordinaryThe press conference was called today to make an extraordinary announcement
usualThe usual announcement came over the loudspeaker.
simultaneousThe team made a simultaneous announcement about their new product and its launch date.
sensationalThe company made a sensational announcement at the press conference.
interestingI have an interesting announcement to make.
stunningThe stunning announcement shocked the entire nation.
latestThe latest announcement from the company was well received by investors.
aboveThe supervisor made an above announcement to employees.
printedThe printed announcement bore startling news about the dire situation overseas.
strangeThe strange announcement caught everyone by surprise.
shockingThe shocking announcement sent shivers down our spines.
famousThe famous announcement was met with both excitement and skepticism.
curtThe curt announcement startled the crowd and left them feeling uneasy.
explicitThe explicit announcement drew gasps from the crowd.
grandThe grand announcement of the new project was met with great fanfare.
pageThe page announcement displayed the latest news articles.
triumphantThe triumphant announcement echoed through the stadium, igniting deafening cheers.
falseThe scheduled guest speaker was unable to attend due to a false announcement of cancellation.
authoritativeThe authoritative announcement was met with mixed reactions.
loudThe loud announcement caused a stir in the crowd.
angelicThe angelic announcement of a miracle baby brought joy to the world.
joyfulThe joyful announcement filled the room with an atmosphere of excitement.
astonishingThe astonishing announcement made waves throughout the industry.
happyWe have a happy announcement to make.

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