Adjectives for Announcements

Adjectives For Announcements

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing announcements, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the nuances of adjectives used with 'announcements' can significantly alter the tone and reception of a message. The adjective 'public' emphasizes the broad, communal nature of the information, while 'official' lends a sense of formality and authority. 'Important' announcements are those with significant impact, demanding attention. Conversely, 'commercial' indicates a promotional angle, often seeking to persuade or sell. 'Special' signifies announcements with a unique, often personal importance. The choice of adjective not only frames the announcement but hints at the intended audience and purpose. Explore the full range of adjectives to master the art of impactful announcements.
publicShe ignored the public announcements over the loudspeaker.
officialThe official announcements will be made soon.
suchTheir jobs involve many such announcements
importantThe company will make important announcements at the upcoming press conference.
commercialThe commercial announcements were so loud that we had to turn down the volume.
specialPlease listen for any special announcements
recentWe are excited to share our recent announcements with you.
formalThe formal announcements were made on the company's website.
similarThere were similar announcements on the radio and television.
furtherI will keep you informed with further announcements
dailyThe daily announcements will be read over the intercom in the morning.
briefThe principal provided brief announcements during the morning assembly.
propheticThe ancient tribe listened intently to the prophetic announcements
printedWe received printed announcements for the upcoming conference.
frequentThe frequent announcements interrupted his speech.
periodicThe train made periodic announcements over its loud speakers.
shortThe company released several short announcements over the last few days.
promotionalThe store made a few promotional announcements over the loudspeaker.
preliminaryOur preliminary announcements have been updated to reflect the latest changes to the project.
serviceThe TV station interrupted its programming for a series of service announcements
regularThey scheduled regular announcements to notify customers of upcoming sales.
routineShe had already heard the routine announcements and was ready to board.
annualWe waited for the annual announcements about the possibility of new jobs.
prematureAvoid making premature announcements it can damage your credibility.
necessaryPlease listen carefully to the necessary announcements that will follow.
followingPlease pay attention to the following announcements
previousWe regret to inform you that the previous announcements have been canceled.
dramaticThe dramatic announcements reverberated through the hall, sending a surge of suspense through the audience.
usualPlease pay attention to the usual announcements
weeklyI never miss the weekly announcements from my church.
numerousHe made several calls and numerous announcements while waiting for the press conference to begin.
subsequentWe will provide you with subsequent announcements as they become available.
corporateWe will combine this information with our analysis of corporate announcements
earlierWe refer you to our earlier announcements for more details.
quarterlyThe company's quarterly announcements are expected to be released next week.
occasionalThe train waited at the station, making occasional announcements
latestWe are pleased to announce the latest announcements
startlingThe company's CEO made startling announcements about the future of the industry.
simultaneousHe delivered simultaneous announcements on TV and radio.
verbalSome verbal announcements were broadcast across the campus.
preThe pre announcements were a bit misleading.
administrativeThe principal made several administrative announcements
minuteThe nearly minute announcements drew little attention from the listeners.
relatedThe company made several related announcements about its new product.
theatricalThe loud and theatrical announcements could be heard echoing throughout the crowded hall.
recordedPlease listen for your flight announcement over the recorded announcements
endlessEndless announcements reverberated through the halls.
falseThe radio station played several false announcements about traffic jams.
mailThe mail announcements blared across the loudspeakers, signaling the arrival of new correspondence.
successiveThe company made successive announcements regarding their new product line.
oralThe candidates who are willing to participate in the exam need to listen to the oral announcements
sovietThe radio played static, soviet announcements crackling through the speakers.
macroeconomicInvestors are eagerly awaiting tomorrow's macroeconomic announcements regarding interest rates and GDP.
emailI receive many email announcements regarding upcoming events.
loudThe loud announcements over the loudspeaker were headache-inducing.
offThe train made several off announcements
presidentialThe presidential announcements were met with mixed reactions.
monthlyWe will make monthly announcements about our new products.

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