Adjectives for Annual

Adjectives For Annual

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing annual, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the use of adjectives with the noun 'annual' reveals subtle nuances that can drastically alter its meaning and implication. A 'semi annual' event, for instance, emphasizes its occurrence twice in a year, while 'average annual' might relate to a more statistical overview of an event or phenomenon. The 'first annual' denotes the beginning of a tradition, imbuing the phrase with a sense of initiation or celebration. On the other hand, 'statistical annual' and 'political annual' analyses offer a deep dive into yearly trends either in data or political movements. Finally, 'operative annual' can denote functional or operational aspects over the year. Each adjective layers the noun with unique shades of meaning, inviting an exploration into the versatile ways 'annual' can be perceived and understood. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'annual' below.
averageThe average annual temperature of the region is 20 degrees Celsius.
firstWe are excited to announce our first annual company picnic.
statisticalThe statistical annual contained valuable information about the population.
politicalI'm sorry, I don't have any sentences with the phrase 'political annual'.
operativeThe operative annual rainfall in Baltimore is 40.8 inches.
meanThe mean annual temperature in the region is 10 degrees Celsius.
dateThe date annual was last month.
japaneseThe Japanese annual celebration of Setsubun is held on February 3rd.
totalThe total annual revenue for the company was over $100 million.
multiThe implementation of the framework requires multi annual budgeting.
secondThe second annual conference was a huge success.
bibliographyThe bibliography annual was published last week.
5thThe students enjoyed the 5th annual school spelling bee.
netThe net annual revenue for the company was reported as $1 million.
renewableThe renewable annual savings on electricity costs alone are significant.
fourthThe fourth annual conference will be held in New York City.
comicI bought a comic annual at the store.
currentI am tracking my current annual expenses.
thirdThe third annual conference will be held in San Francisco.
cinematographicThe cinematographic annual celebrated the best films of the year.
officialThe official annual rainfall in this area is about 45 inches.
4thThe 4th annual conference was held in May.
pediatricThe pediatric annual assessment should include a review of the child's growth, development, and immunization status.
aeronauticalThe aeronautical annual provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the aviation industry.
7thJoin us for the 7th annual fun run to support the local community.
historicalThe historical annual growth rate of the economy is 2.5%.
yearThe year annual meeting will be held in the fall.
medicalThe doctor's medical annual was full of information.
8thThe 8th annual conference will be held in San Francisco.
elegantThe elegant annual gala raised funds for the scholarship fund.
colonialThe colonial annual was a publication dedicated to the history of the British Empire.
swiftThe swift annual arrived in the spring.
hardyPetunias are hardy annuals that can withstand a wide range of temperatures.
agnosticThe agnostic annual was an interesting read with diverse viewpoints on religion.
turkishThe Turkish annual inflation rate has risen to its highest level in over a decade.
6thThe 6th annual conference was held in San Francisco.
popularThe popular annual event is a great way to bring the community together.
episcopalThe episcopal annual meeting was held at the church's headquarters.
12thThe 12th annual conference will be held in May.
irishThe Irish annual is a publication of the Irish Literary Society.
18thThe 18th annual conference was held in San Francisco.
25thThe 25th annual conference was held in San Francisco.
hazardousThe hazardous annual waste chemicals will be disposed tomorrow.
10thThe 10th annual conference was a huge success.
ccdThe CCD annual conference was held in San Diego this year.
monthThe month annual sum of this year was higher than the previous year.
prettyThis pretty annual boasts bright blooms all summer long.
econometricThe econometric annual conference is a great chance to meet with experts in the field.
20thThe 20th annual conference was a huge success.
brazilianThe Brazilian annual inflation rate is projected to exceed 10% by the end of the year.
9thThe 9th annual conference is scheduled to take place next week.
bookShe ordered the book annual last week.
antibioticThe antibiotic annual was found to be effective against a wide range of bacteria.
landscapeThis landscape annual is a beautiful addition to any garden.
handbuchThe handbuch annual is a comprehensive guide to the latest developments in the field.
quarterlyThe company's quarterly annual report showed a significant increase in revenue.
15thI attended the 15th annual conference last week.
1stThe band will perform for the first time at the 1st annual Winterfest.
iachrThe IACHR annual Report provides information on the human rights situation in the Americas.
3rdThe 3rd annual conference will be held in San Francisco.
architecturalStudents at the university looked forward to receiving architectural annuals throughout the year.
cooperativeThe cooperative annual meeting will take place next week.
progressiveThis proposal introduces a new progressive annual value for the space-borne variable alpha.
forthcomingThe forthcoming annual meeting will be held in New York City.
popI bought a pop annual for my niece so she can read all of her favorite teen pop magazines.
monthlyThe company's monthly annual report showed a slight increase in profits.
13thThe 13th annual conference was held in San Francisco.
latestWe’ve spent the latest annual budget on building a new wing for our museum.
worthThe agreement is worth annual 60 million dollars.
civilianThe civilian annual vehicle fatality rate has been nearly flat for the last decade.
14thThe 14th annual festival will be held next weekend.

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