Adjectives for Answer

Adjectives For Answer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing answer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an answer can subtly alter its meaning, impacting the reader's perception. A correct answer implies accuracy, while the only answer suggests exclusivity and finality. Describing an answer as right often carries moral or ethical approval, whereas the best answer might hint at optimal solutions among alternatives. A simple answer highlights ease and clarity, contrasting with a satisfactory answer, which fulfills minimum requirements without exceeding expectations. Every adjective adds a layer of nuance, painting a fuller picture of the answer's nature and implications. Explore the full list of adjectives below to discover more shades of meaning.
correctThe correct answer is the one that provides the most accurate and complete information.
rightI hope that was the right answer
bestThe best answer is the one that solves the problem.
satisfactoryI'm sorry, but that question does not have a satisfactory answer
finalYour final answer is the correct one.
shortThe short answer is yes.
possibleThe possible answer is to ask a librarian.
clearThe clear answer was in the email.
wrongThe wrong answer is the correct answer.
completeIt is a complete answer to the question.
immediateProvide an immediate answer please.
easyI wish I had an easy answer to this problem.
definitiveThe report provides a definitive answer to the question.
partialI have a partial answer to your question.
trueThe true answer is hidden in the details.
readyThe ready answer gave me the information I needed.
fullThe full answer to the question is provided.
betterI don't have a better answer at the moment.
properThe teacher gave a proper answer to the student's question.
honestI'm giving you an honest answer
straightJust give me a straight answer
quickThe quick answer is yes.
appropriateThe appropriate answer is 42.
evasiveWhen asked about his involvement in the scandal, the politician gave an evasive answer
preciseThe scientist recorded the precise answer to the complex equation.
usualI'm sorry, I don't have a usual answer for that.
exactThe exact answer is forty-two.
conclusiveThe conclusive answer to the puzzle was found in the last line of the text.
reasonableThe reasonable answer to the question is yes.
logicalThe logical answer is the one that is most likely to be true based on the available evidence.
ultimateThe ultimate answer lies within.
softA soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
briefWe gave a brief answer to the question.
perfectThe perfect answer is the one that leaves no further questions.
decisiveThe general gave a decisive answer about the strategy.
straightforwardShe provided a straightforward answer to the question.
favourableThe company gave a favourable answer to our request.
plausibleThe witness gave a plausible answer to the investigator's questioning.
promptThe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Please provide prompt answer
plainThe plain answer to your question is yes.
categoricalThe categorical answer is a definitive response that does not allow for any ambiguity.
simplestThe simplest answer is almost always the right answer.
tentativeWe have a tentative answer to your question.
unequivocalThe scientist gave an unequivocal answer to the question.
favorableThe lawyer received a favorable answer from the judge.
rationalI don't know, but I'm sure there's a rational answer to this question.
yourYour answer is very good.
likelyThe likely answer is yes.
sensibleHer sensible answer reassured me.
truthfulThe interrogation report contained only truthful answers.
graciousHer gracious answer left no room for doubt.
explicitPlease provide me with the explicit answer for this question.
suitableThe suitable answer was given by the professor.

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