Adjectives for Apartment

Adjectives For Apartment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing apartment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an apartment can significantly affect the impression it gives. For instance, an own apartment implies independence and possibly a sense of achievement. Describing an apartment as small or little can evoke a cozy, intimate atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a snug living space. On the other end, a large apartment suggests spaciousness, luxury, or the capacity to host gatherings comfortably. Opting for new highlights modernity, freshness, and perhaps cutting-edge facilities, whereas specifying the number of bedrooms focuses on practicality and the potential for accommodation. Each adjective unfolds a unique layer of meaning, inviting readers to envision themselves in various living spaces. Explore the full array of adjectives associated with apartments to find the perfect description for your needs.
ownMy brother lived in own apartment when he finished university.
smallThe small apartment was cozy and comfortable.
newI'm excited to move into my new apartment next week.
littleI live in a little apartment near the beach.
largeThe large apartment had everything he needed.
bedroomI'm looking for a bedroom apartment in the city center.
privateI am looking for a private apartment in the city center.
floorWe live in a cozy floor apartment in the heart of the city.
tinyI live in a tiny apartment but it's all I can afford.
furnishedShe was looking for a furnished apartment in the city center.
spaciousThey moved into their spacious apartment with high ceilings and hardwood flooring.
emptyThe empty apartment stood silently, its walls echoing the creaks of the old building.
innerAfter passing through the outer apartment, we entered the inner apartment
niceI really like your nice apartment
separateThe two-story house has a separate apartment with its own entrance.
comfortableI rented a comfortable apartment near the office.
modestHe lives in a modest apartment in the city.
largerI'm looking for a larger apartment with a balcony.
beautifulI found a beautiful apartment in the city center.
darkThe dark apartment made me feel uneasy.
upstairsI live in the upstairs apartment
luxuriousWe stayed in a luxurious apartment during our vacation.
entireI rented out my entire apartment for a month.
bigHe lives in a big apartment in the city center.
crampedThe cramped apartment offered little room to move around.
elegantHe lived in an elegant apartment in the heart of the city.
principalThe principal apartment was on the second floor with a large living room and dining room.
smallerI moved to a smaller apartment to save money on rent.
handsomeThe handsome apartment had a view of the city skyline.
magnificentThe magnificent apartment overlooked the city skyline.
vastI was impressed by the vast apartment
upperThe renter of the upper apartment could be making all that noise.
communalThe communal apartment was cramped and noisy, but it was also a place where neighbors became like family.
royalThe royal apartment had been decorated with luxurious furnishings.
fineI live in a fine apartment in the city center.
vacantHe remembered a vacant apartment in an old brick building on the outskirts of town.
riseShe was living in a rise apartment by the downtown.
pleasantI am living in a very pleasant apartment now.
outerThe outer apartment had a view of the city.
cooperativeThe cooperative apartment was a great place to live.
lovelyI'm so excited to move into my new lovely apartment
storyThe story apartment had a cozy atmosphere with its dim lighting and plush furniture.
expensiveI want a expensive apartment with a view of the park.
splendidI was very impressed with the splendid apartment that I rented for my vacation.
dingyIn the dim, dingy apartment the air was heavy with the scent of decay.
hugeHe lived in a huge apartment on the Upper West Side.
cheapI'm looking for a cheap apartment near the university.
shabbyThe shabby apartment had peeling paint, broken windows, and a leaky roof.
neatI'm impressed by your neat apartment
crowdedThe crowded apartment was filled with the sound of laughter and chatter.
charmingI love my charming apartment
quietI need a quiet apartment close to work.
cozyI love spending chilly evenings in my cozy apartment curled up with a good book.
frontThe front apartment is available for rent.
nearbyThe nearby apartment was perfect for our needs.
suitableWe found a suitable apartment for you in the city center.
gloomyThe gloomy apartment was filled with shadows and silence.
biggerI want to move to a bigger apartment
sumptuousShe couldn't believe her boyfriend had rented such a sumptuous apartment for their anniversary.
bareThe bare apartment had only the essentials: a bed, a desk, and a chair.
cleanThe clean apartment was spotless.
decentI live in a decent apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom.
narrowI live in a narrow apartment with limited space.
nobleThe noble apartment had a view of the city.
loftyThe young couple moved into a lofty apartment in the heart of Manhattan.
warmShe left the warm apartment and took a deep breath of fresh air.
grandWe saw a grand apartment with a view of the city.
humbleShe lived in a humble apartment with just a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand.
adjacentShe rented an adjacent apartment to her sister's.
secretShe kept her secret apartment locked with several deadbolts.
rearThe rear apartment has a private entrance.
airyThe airy apartment boasted large windows and high ceilings.
controlledThe controlled apartment was a safe and secure place to live.
wrongI accidentally walked into the wrong apartment

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