Adjectives for Appearance

Adjectives For Appearance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing appearance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of adjectives linked with 'appearance' unveils a multitude of nuances that enrich our perception and description of appearance. Whether it's the 'first appearance' that leaves an indelible mark or the 'general appearance' that shapes common perceptions, each adjective brings its own flavor. 'Personal' and 'physical' appearance delve deeper into individuality and the tangible aspects of how one presents themselves, while 'outward appearance' may often mask the true essence. A 'sudden' change in appearance can signal transformations, sparking curiosity or concern. Each adjective not only describes but also adds depth, opening avenues to explore the complex ways we perceive and articulate the visage of our surroundings. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that paint the myriad shades of appearances below.
firstThe first appearance of the character was in the comic book.
generalThe general appearance of the book is excellent.
personalShe gave careful consideration to her personal appearance before the big interview.
physicalShe was struck by his physical appearance
outwardDespite his outward appearance he was a kind and gentle soul.
suddenThe sudden appearance of the ghost startled the children.
externalThe external appearance of the building was impressive.
characteristicThe species has a characteristic appearance that is unmistakable.
likeShe was so plain, with no like appearance to her face.
similarMany people are confused by the two animals' similar appearance
mereDespite its mere appearance the object contained a series of complex mechanisms.
typicalThis is a typical appearance of a canine.
clinicalThe patient's skin had a reddish, scaly clinical appearance
microscopicThe microscopic appearance of the cells suggests the presence of an infectious agent.
fineHer quiet poise and fine appearance were in sharp contrast to her surroundings.
attractiveShe had an attractive appearance with her long, flowing hair and sparkling eyes.
grossThe patient presented with gross appearance of dental caries.
radiographic"The radiographic appearance of the chest was unremarkable."
peculiarThe clown had a peculiar appearance with his painted face and enormous shoes.
overallShe was judged based on her overall appearance
visualShe didn't care about her visual appearance
initialThe initial appearance of the defendant is scheduled for tomorrow.
neatHer neat appearance made a good impression on the interviewer.
strikingHer striking appearance made her stand out in the crowd.
facialI am concerned about my facial appearance but I am working on improving it.
strangeHe noticed her strange appearance as she walked into the room.
unexpectedThe unexpected appearance of guests caught the hostess by surprise.
beautifulShe has a beautiful appearance
granularThe sandstone had a granular appearance caused by the large sand grains.
histologicThe histologic appearance of the tumor was consistent with a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma.
pleasingThe actor's pleasing appearance helped him land the role.
youthfulShe maintained a youthful appearance despite her age.
briefThe actor made a brief appearance in the play.
singularHe lacks any singular appearance
handsomeThe young man's handsome appearance made him the center of attention.
mottledThe mottled appearance of the skin was a sign of the underlying disease.
falseThe baby's false appearance of innocence deceived the authorities.
leastHer least appearance in a public space was at a supermarket.
usualHe was a tall man with a slightly round face and a usual appearance
histologicalThe histological appearance of the tumor was consistent with a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma.
picturesqueThe small waterfall had a picturesque appearance to it.
distinctiveShe has a distinctive appearance and is easily recognized.
frequentHis frequent appearance on television made him well-known in the country.
smoothThe smooth appearance of the marble countertop gave the kitchen a luxurious look.
uniformThe students wore uniforms of uniform appearance
earliestThe earliest appearance of the species was in the Early Cretaceous period.
outerWe often focus on the outer appearance of a person and ignore their inner beauty.
occasionalHe made an occasional appearance at the meetings.
superficialShe was taken in by his superficial appearance
healthyA healthy appearance indicate a healthy body.
respectableThe man walked into the room with a respectable appearance
dullThe boy's face has a dull appearance lifeless and expressionless.
roughThe old man had a rough appearance with a deeply lined face and scars on his hands.
milkyThe moon had a milky appearance as it hovered above the clouds.
formidableHis formidable appearance caused the other students to give him a wide berth.
exteriorThe exterior appearance of the building was impressive.
brightShe was a woman of bright appearance and charming manners.
curiousThe cat's curious appearance made everyone stop and take notice.
cosmeticShe paid close attention to her cosmetic appearance and dressed well.
macroscopicThe tissue with normal macroscopic appearance was sent for histology.
cleanThe salesman always puts on a clean appearance for his customers.
remarkableThe remarkable appearance of the landscape left a lasting impression.
splendidThe splendid appearance of the palace was a sight to behold.
grotesqueThe circus clown's grotesque appearance both fascinated and frightened the audience.
simultaneousThe simultaneous appearance of three rainbows was a rare and beautiful sight.
slightestThe slightest appearance of a smile crept across her face.

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