Adjectives for Appendix

Adjectives For Appendix

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing appendix, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the correct adjective to describe the noun 'appendix' can drastically change the meaning and context of a sentence. An 'inflamed appendix' evokes medical urgency, whereas a 'statistical appendix' shifts the context to academic or reportorial. Similarly, 'second appendix' might refer to a supplementary section in a document, while 'mathematical appendix' takes us deep into the realm of formulas and theories. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting a vivid picture that ranges from health concerns to scholarly additions. Dive into the comprehensive list below to explore the diverse adjectives that can accompany 'appendix' and the rich meanings they convey.
inflamedThe doctor removed the patient's inflamed appendix during surgery.
rupturedThe patient was rushed to surgery after his ruptured appendix caused severe abdominal pain and infection.
statisticalThe statistical appendix provides detailed data on the study's participants.
secondA second appendix was found in the patient's abdomen
mathematicalThe mathematical appendix was added to the textbook as a reference for students.
perforatedThe patient was diagnosed with a perforated appendix
usefulThe appendix, a small organ attached to the large intestine, is now considered a useful appendix
technicalThe technical appendix provided additional information on the hardware specifications.
briefThe brief appendix contained the necessary information.
longThe patient had an unusually long appendix
secThe sec appendix of the document provided the necessary information.
separateThe document has a separate appendix that contains additional information.
valuableThe doctor removed my valuable appendix
specialThe book had a special appendix that provided additional information about the author's life.
methodologicalThe methodological appendix provides detailed information about the research design and methods used in the study.
bibliographicalThe bibliographical appendix provides a comprehensive listing of all the sources consulted in the preparation of this document.
gangrenousThe patient was diagnosed with a gangrenous appendix
pageShe carefully read the page appendix to prepare for her presentation.
mereThe mere appendix as it is often called, is a simple tubular appendage to the large intestine.
auricularThe auricular appendix is a small, finger-like projection of the right atrium of the heart.
diseasedThe doctor removed his diseased appendix during surgery.
thirdThe patient's third appendix was removed during surgery.
historicalThe historical appendix contains additional information about the events leading up to the conflict.
extensiveThe report contained an extensive appendix with supporting documentation.
presentThe pathology present appendix was destroyed.
lengthyThe lengthy appendix contained detailed information about the research project.
retrocecalThe patient was found to have a retrocecal appendix
finalThe doctor carefully examined the patient's final appendix
documentaryThe lengthy documentary appendix shed light on several untold stories.
interestingI found an interesting appendix to the report that I had missed before.
biographicalA biographical appendix containing information about the author and his work is included at the end of the book.
infectedThe doctor recommended an immediate surgery since the infected appendix was likely to rupture.
additionalUnfortunately, the patient's son was admitted to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy because of an additional appendix
entireThe researchers then removed the entire appendix
detailedThe detailed appendix provides additional information about the research project.
acuteThe doctor diagnosed the patient with an acute appendix
xiphoidThe xiphoid appendix is a small, cartilage-like structure at the bottom of the sternum.
copiousA copious appendix was found attached to the cecum during the laparoscopic surgery.
fourthThe fourth appendix is a small, worm-like structure located near the base of the cecum.
ensiformThe ensiform appendix is the lowest cartilaginous part of the sternum.
jointThe doctor examined the patient's joint appendix
leftThe left appendix is a small, finger-shaped pouch that projects from the large intestine.
appropriateThe study was robust and included an appropriate appendix
yellowThe patient had a yellow appendix
chronicThe patient had a chronic appendix that was removed during surgery.
retrocaecalThe patient had an unusually large retrocaecal appendix
enlargedThe patient was diagnosed with an enlarged appendix
helpfulThe helpful appendix assisted in the digestion process.
seePlease see appendix one for further details.
filledThe doctor discovered a filled appendix during the patient's examination.
fifthThe fifth appendix of the book contained a detailed glossary.
secretJuliet confided her secret appendix to her diary.
substantialThe doctor examined the patient's substantial appendix
obstructedThe obstructed appendix caused severe pain in the lower right abdomen.
onlineI'll put the rest of my data in an online appendix
videVide appendix for further details.
partPlease remove the part appendix and preserve it in formalin.
mesoThe appendix may contain lymphoid tissue, called the meso appendix
explanatoryThe explanatory appendix provided additional information that helped to clarify the main points of the document.
supplementaryThe supplementary appendix is a small, finger-like projection extending from the cecum, the first part of the large intestine.
blankThe patient had an appendectomy and a blank appendix

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