Adjectives for Application

Adjectives For Application

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing application, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'application' can significantly alter the conveyed message. A 'practical application' suggests a utilitarian approach, while a 'particular application' highlights its uniqueness. 'General application' broadens its relevance, whereas 'direct application' emphasizes a straightforward usage. 'Clinical application' shifts the focus towards medical or scientific contexts, and 'specific application' narrows down its purpose or functionality. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, illustrating the versatility and specificity of applications in various fields. Discover the full range of adjectives to describe 'application' and explore the subtle differences they bring to your communication.
practicalThe research will have practical applications in the field of artificial intelligence.
particularThis approach has particular application in the study of protein-ligand interactions.
generalThe principles of physics have general application
directThis medication has direct application to the affected area.
clinicalThe clinical application of these findings is yet to be determined.
specificThe software has a specific application for engineering
localThe doctor recommended a local application for her rash.
wideThis material has wide application in the engineering field.
successfulThe successful application of artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries.
topicalThe topical application of the cream is recommended.
importantThe study of fluid mechanics has important application in the design of aircraft.
properThe proper application of the new paint improved the room's aesthetics.
widerThese applications give the Hadoop ecosystem much wider application
limitedThis tool has limited application in such situations.
singleThis single application is only available for Windows.
possibleThe drug may have possible application in reducing inflammation.
simpleThe simple application is easy to use.
immediateThe manager needs to take immediate application to this issue.
formalI submitted my formal application for the position of software engineer last week.
externalThe external application is now available for download.
widespreadIts widespread application has made it a staple in many industries.
potentialThe research has potential applications in the field of medicine.
commercialThe latest research has found a number of commercial applications for the technology.
actualThe actual application of the new technology has been delayed due to technical difficulties.
industrialIts high tensile strength makes it a prime candidate for industrial applications.
typicalThis solution finds typical application in the field of machine learning and specifically for anomaly detection.
usefulThe novel material has a useful application in energy storage.
interestingThe ancient technique of origami has found interesting applications in the field of nanotechnology.
strictWe must ensure the strict application of the rules.
extensiveThe extensive application of advanced technologies in manufacturing has led to significant productivity gains.
effectiveEffective application of the new policy led to a significant reduction in costs.
correctThe correct application of the principles of physics led to the successful launch of the rocket.
systematicThe systematic application of the new technology led to significant improvements in productivity.
initialPlease submit your initial application for the grant by Friday.
consistentConsistent application of the rules ensures fairness and impartiality.
windowsI am using a windows application
writtenI submitted my written application for the job last week.
broadThe product has a broad application in many industries.
repeatedRepeated application of a gentle exfoliant can help improve skin texture.
frequentThe frequent application of sunscreen is essential for protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays.
constantThe constant application of effort was the key to her success.
appropriateThe appropriate application of knowledge and skills is essential for effective problem-solving.
intendedThe intended application of this technology is to reduce manufacturing costs.
therapeuticAn assessment of the therapeutic application of physical activity for depression and anxiety.
continuedThe continued application of the treatment resulted in a significant improvement in the patient's condition.
intenseThe student's intense application led to a stellar academic performance.
subsequentThe subsequent application was sent to the processing center.
rigorousThe rigorous application of the scientific method led to groundbreaking discoveries.
broaderWith broader application and understanding, the AI ecosystem can continue to grow and advance.
continuousContinuous application of the cream helped improve her skin texture.
straightforwardThe straightforward application made it easy to use.
carefulThis complex formula requires careful application
uniformThe uniform application of the law is essential for a just and equitable society.
obviousThis technology has obvious application in the medical field.
concreteThe new technology has numerous concrete applications in the construction industry.
rigidThe rigid application of rules can sometimes be counterproductive.
detailedThe detailed application of this technology is still under research.
simultaneousThe simultaneous application of force and heat caused the metal to warp.
judiciousThe judicious application of resources ensured the project's success.
mechanicalThe mechanical application of force caused the object to move.
widestThe widest application of artificial intelligence is in the field of natural language processing.
routineThe routine application of fertiliser helped to improve the crop yield.
scaleWeb scale application optimization strategy can be applied to the App to enhance performance in terms of scaling, caching, and load balancing techniques.

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