Adjectives for Approval

Adjectives For Approval

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing approval, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'approval' can significantly alter the perception and impact of a message. Whether it's 'prior approval', emphasizing preparation and foresight, or 'final approval', indicating a concluding step in a process, each pairing holds unique nuances. 'Social' and 'public approval' delve into societal acceptance, while 'general approval' suggests a broad, less specific consensus. The specialized 'congressional approval' brings a formal, legal dimension into play. These varied combinations highlight the importance of selecting the precise adjective to accurately convey context and intention. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be used with 'approval' and the distinct flavors they add to your communication.
priorCertain activities on the premises may require prior approval from the landlord.
finalThe project is awaiting final approval
socialSocial approval is essential for maintaining a positive self-image.
generalThe general approval for the new plan was overwhelming.
publicThe public approval for the new policy was surprisingly high.
congressionalThe recent bill proposals have received low congressional approval
officialThe official approval was granted after a thorough review.
fullThe project was completed with the full approval of the client.
unanimousThe plan received unanimous approval from all members of the committee.
tacit"It was a tacit approval of the policy."
formalThe project received formal approval from the board of directors.
popularThe president's policies enjoyed popular approval
heartyThe crowd gave the proposal their hearty approval
parliamentaryThe government's plan was contingent on parliamentary approval
legislativeThe new policy requires legislative approval before it can be implemented.
unqualifiedThe boss gave the project her unqualified approval
divineHer divine approval shone through her eyes.
warmThe teacher offered her warm approval to the student.
regulatoryThe drug has not yet received regulatory approval
presidentialGeorge Washington's presidential approval rating reached its highest point in 1792, with 87% of the population approving of his performance.
enthusiasticI gave the presentation my enthusiastic approval
royalThe queen granted her royal approval to the new initiative.
moralThe committee gave its moral approval to the research project.
specificThe company's board gave specific approval for his new marketing strategy.
entireThe entire approval was given to the project.
papalThe decision was made with papal approval
completeI gave him my complete approval for the project.
widespreadThe government's decision to raise taxes met with widespread approval
federalWe are waiting for federal approval before we can proceed.
previousThe customer must obtain previous approval for the change.
cordialThe proposal received cordial approval from all stakeholders.
judicialThe court has not yet given judicial approval to the motion.
immediateThe loan application was granted immediate approval
explicitThe board gave explicit approval to the new budget.
apparentThe audience listened with apparent approval
subsequentWe will evaluate the application and send you subsequent approval or rejection.
governmentalThe project has received governmental approval
writtenTo ensure timely delivery, all changes must be submitted with written approval
necessaryI secured the necessary approval from the board.
initialThe Board of Directors gave their initial approval to the proposed merger.
preliminaryWe received preliminary approval for the loan.
administrativeThe project was put on hold pending administrative approval
wideThe proposal received wide approval from the board of directors.
qualifiedThe chairman responded with qualified approval to the board's proposal.
overwhelmingThe proposal passed with overwhelming approval
tentativeThe committee gave the project tentative approval after a lengthy discussion.
conditionalThe bank granted conditional approval for the loan, pending the appraisal of the property.
automaticThe automatic approval process saved us a lot of time.
criticalThe film received critical approval
ministerialThe project requires ministerial approval before it can proceed.
verbalThe manager's verbal approval was sufficient for the project to proceed.
wholeheartedThe audience gave a wholehearted approval to the performance.
silentShe gave her silent approval to the plan.
quickShe obtained quick approval from the officials.
ethicalResearchers must obtain ethical approval from the relevant institutional review board before enrolling participants in their studies.
adultThe project required adult approval before it could proceed.
reluctantThe manager gave his reluctant approval to the risky venture.
maleShe decided to change her attire to gain more male approval
selfA strong sense of self approval made her confident in her abilities.
imperialThe emperor gave his imperial approval to the new law.
evidentShe nodded her head in evident approval
executiveThe executive approval rating is at an all-time low.
implicitHis implicit approval of the plan was clear from his facial expression.
sovietWe received the letter we were waiting for and it contained the soviet approval
peerHer peer approval helped her to succeed in life.
obviousHer eyes sparkled with obvious approval
ultimateThe ultimate approval was granted for the construction project.
premarketThe drug received premarket approval from the FDA in 2020.
ecclesiasticalThe bishop's reforms received ecclesiastical approval after a lengthy debate.

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