Adjectives for Areas

Adjectives For Areas

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing areas, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with 'areas' reveals much about our perceptions and intentions. Describing an area as 'urban' versus 'rural' not only speaks to its geographic characteristics but also to the lifestyle, infrastructure, and possibly the demographics prevalent within. 'Large' areas might evoke a sense of vastness and potential, while 'small' areas could suggest intimacy or limitation. When we specify 'many' areas, it points to diversity or abundance, contrasted by 'few' areas which might hint at exclusivity or scarcity. Each adjective shapes our understanding and expectations of the spaces we discuss. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with 'areas' to appreciate the rich tapestry of language and perception.
otherThe company has operations in other areas
ruralMany rural areas lack access to essential services such as healthcare and education.
urbanPeople living in urban areas are more likely to experience air pollution.
manyIn many areas the local economy depended on agriculture.
largeThe wildfire has already engulfed large areas of the forest.
certainCertain areas of the city are prone to flooding.
differentI have worked in different areas of the company.
metropolitanNew York City is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world.
specificThe researcher defined specific areas where the rare flower species was observed.
majorWe discussed the major areas of concern in our meeting.
coastalThe coastal areas were hit hard by the hurricane.
remoteWe provide medical supplies to remote areas
residentialThe residential areas of the city are generally safe at night.
mainThe main areas of the city are the downtown and the suburbs.
keyWe will focus on three key areas such as improving customer satisfaction, increasing sales, and optimizing resources.
vastThe vast areas of the ocean remain largely unexplored.
industrialHeavy traffic and air pollution are common in industrial areas
adjacentThe animals retreated to their adjacent areas for safety.
largerThey would like to cover larger areas and would like to charge around 25 per acres.
geographicalThe different geographical areas of the world have unique characteristics.
populatedThe air quality in populated areas is often poor.
geographicThe company has operations in many different geographic areas
protectedProtected areas are important for preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.
corticalThe posterior cortical areas are involved in visual perception and attention.
extensiveThe forest has extensive areas of dense undergrowth.
subjectStudents can choose from a variety of subject areas including English, Math, Science, and History.
functionalWe have development, marketing, and sales teams in the same floor so that they can collaborate quickly and efficiently between the functional areas
wideThe rain had turned the wide areas into little lakes.
agriculturalWe drove through vast agricultural areas on our way to the mountains.
broadThe broad areas of the country are suitable for agriculture.
tribalThe tribal areas of Pakistan are known for their rugged terrain and rich cultural heritage.
suburbanThe suburban areas around the city were quiet and peaceful.
criticalThe new safety measures focus on protecting critical areas
contentStudents excel in their content areas when they receive appropriate support.
sensitiveI accidentally touched some sensitive areas on the machine and now it's not working.
limitedConstruction was permitted only in limited areas of the city.
affected Relief supplies are being sent to the affected areas
smallerI prefer to live in smaller areas
outlyingThis remote island is one of the outlying areas of the country.
tropicalTropical areas are home to a wide variety of plant and animal life.
northernThe northern areas of the country are experiencing heavy snowfall.
mountainousThe hikers encountered many challenges in the mountainous areas
respectiveWe have assigned the tasks to the employees in their respective areas
backwardThe government is trying to bring the backward areas into the modern world.
underdevelopedThe company's initiatives to improve living conditions in underdeveloped areas are commendable.
peripheralThe peripheral areas of the city are often neglected.
relatedThe organization's focus is on research and development, as well as related areas
distinctThere are three distinct areas in the city.
dryThe dry areas of the country are experiencing a severe drought.
isolatedHe often travels to isolated areas in the mountains.
developedThe most developed areas of the world are experiencing a population decline.
aridRainfall is scarce in arid areas
shadedThe shaded areas of the park provided respite from the scorching sun.
marginalWe observed the highest mortality rates in marginal areas
occupiedThe troops occupied areas of the city.
woodedThe hikers explored the dense wooded areas
focalThe project's focal areas include economic development, education, and healthcare.
sensoryThe sensory areas provide a sensory map of the body to the brain.
forestedWe went for a hike in the nearby forested areas
depressedThe government has allocated funds to help the depressed areas
flatThe flat areas of the land were perfect for farming.

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