Adjectives for Article

Adjectives For Article

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing article, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an article can significantly impact the reader's perception and understanding. A first article sets the stage for what is new and pioneering, while a definite article pinpoints something well-defined and unmistakable. Discussing a recent article brings to the forefront topics that are current and timely. When referring to the same article, it’s about reaffirming or referencing established ideas. The present article highlights what is current and now, emphasizing its immediacy. Moreover, an important article underscores its significance and potential impact. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative thread, enriching the conversation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany the noun 'article' below.
firstThe first article of the Constitution outlines the legislative branch of the government.
recentI read a recent article about the benefits of exercise.
sameYou can find more information about this topic in the same article
presentThe present article explores the latest advancements in AI technology.
importantThis is an important article
secondThe second article was about the importance of education.
originalThe journalist was unable to review the original article so she relied on secondary sources for her research.
lastMy last article about the environment was well received.
longI read the long article multiple times to make sure I understood it.
short"This is a short article."
singleThe single article on the table was a magazine.
thirdHe had to read the third article twice.
genuineI'm looking for the genuine article not a cheap imitation.
nextRead the next article to learn more.
particularThe particular article was very well-written.
previousAs mentioned in the previous article the latest technology news is constantly updating.
briefI read a brief article about the latest news.
earlierI had already read the earlier article
valuableThe valuable article was discovered in the attic.
separateThe separate article was very informative.
finishedThe finished article was a beautiful piece of furniture.
famousThe writer of the famous article was happy.
fourthThe fourth article discusses the importance of exercise for overall health.
pageI read the page article with great interest.
usefulThis is a useful article
entireI read the entire article but I still don't understand it.
aboveI reviewed the findings in the above article
chiefThe most important duty of the manager is to bring out the best in every employee, so as to contribute to the chief article
principalThe principal article of her wardrobe was a simple black dress.
classicI read a classic article about the history of jazz music.
laterI will look for the later article after I finish this one.
lengthyThe lengthy article provided a comprehensive overview of the topic.
fifthThe fifth article explores the impact of climate change on coastal ecosystems.
seminal"Combinatorial Synthesis of Complex Libraries of Small Molecules" by Schreiber, a seminal article published in 1998, introduced the concept of combinatorial chemistry to the scientific community.
latterThe latter article examined the social implications of the technology.
unsignedMy dad is an architect, and he designs unsigned articles.
sixthThe sixth article of the Constitution establishes the executive branch of the government.
fundamentalThe fundamental article of the constitution guarantees freedom of speech.
necessaryThe necessary article is a must-have for any writer.
anonymousAn anonymous article was published in the newspaper.
secret"A secret article was found in the old library"
unpublishedThe unpublished article which had been circulating among scholars for years, was finally published in a peer-reviewed journal.
influentialThe influential article sparked a national debate on gun control.
subsequentThey could not use the conference rooms on the subsequent article since they are closed.
introductoryThe introductory article provided a comprehensive overview of the topic.
seventhThe seventh article was about the history of the internet.
forthcomingI am very excited to read the forthcoming article about the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
eighthPlease bring me the eighth article in the pile.
manufacturedThe company specializes in the production of a wide array of manufactured articles.
leadI read the lead article in this morning's newspaper.
essentialThe essential article is a must-have in any wardrobe.
ninthThe ninth article of the constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.
editorialThe editorial article argued that the new policy was a mistake.
comprehensiveI've read a comprehensive article about the history of the internet.
scholarlyThe scholarly article provides details about the latest advancements in medical research.
occasionalThe writer publishes an occasional article in the local newspaper.
remarkableI read a remarkable article about the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
admirableHer admirable article has captured the wholesome truth.
informativeI found an informative article about the history of the internet.
twelfthThe twelfth article of the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

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