Adjectives for Articles

Adjectives For Articles

Enhance your writing with our comprehensive guide on adjectives for articles. Discover how to use adjectives like 'other,' 'many,' 'several,' and 'numerous' to enrich your sentences and make your articles stand out. Perfect for writers aiming to add depth and precision to their work.

otherThis category contains other articles on the subject of horse racing.
manyHe purchased many articles of clothing from the store.
severalI read several articles this morning.
numerousThe library contains numerous articles on the subject.
variousSarah brought various articles to the meeting.
fewWe have few articles left.
criticalI read several critical articles about the new movie.
followingThe following articles are about the history of the United States.
importantSeveral important articles were published in the latest issue of the journal.
manufacturedThe manufactured articles were of high quality and workmanship.
recentRecent articles have explored the potential benefits of this new technology.
originalI read some original articles about the history of art.
periodicalI enjoy reading periodical articles about history.
shortMany short articles on the website provide a quick overview of the topic.
usefulThe library is full of useful articles
valuableThe thieves stole many valuable articles worth thousands of dollars.
principalThe principal articles of trade were spices, ivory, and gold.
scholarlyThe scholarly articles provided a wealth of information on the topic.
similarI found some similar articles that you might be interested in.
scientificNumerous scientific articles have been published on the topic of climate change.
technicalHe often uses latest technical articles to keep himself updated.
relevantCan you share some relevant articles?
chiefFortunately for the students, the chief articles were in the textbook.
separateSeparate articles should be merged together to form one comprehensive article.
interestingThe magazine had a lot of interesting articles
excellentThe magazine is full of excellent articles
additionalThe article is written well, but it may need some additional articles
relatedYou must regularly check related articles and discussions.
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous articles in the box included pens, pencils, and paper clips.
popularThe popular articles were about cooking and travel.
occasionalShe checked the occasional articles she had downloaded for ideas
nineThe store sells nine articles of clothing.
precedingThe preceding articles were not completely relevant to my query.
earlierHe referred to earlier articles in the magazine.
preliminaryThe two governments signed the preliminary articles before the final treaty.
essentialFor a comfortable trip, it is important to carry essential articles
subsequentThe subsequent articles provide more details about the topic.
aboveThe above articles provide a comprehensive overview of the topic.
secretThe treaty included secret articles that were not revealed to the public.
briefYou should always check the brief articles of clothing before you buy them.
newspaperI read the newspaper articles every day to stay informed.
fundamentalThe fundamental articles of the constitution are to protect the rights of the people.
fancyThe catalog was filled with fancy articles and I could not resist buying a few.
innumerableThe library had innumerable articles on the subject.
academicI read many academic articles to prepare for my dissertation.
finishedThe company sells a variety of finished articles including clothing, furniture, and electronics.
informativeI enjoy reading informative articles on a variety of topics.
longerShe wrote longer articles about her travels which were more engaging and interesting to read.
contrabandThe police confiscated the contraband articles from the suspect's car.
unsolicitedThe company was accused of sending customers unsolicited articles
sundryHe cleaned his home office and discarded sundry articles he no longer needed.
preciousShe kept her precious articles in a small wooden box.
lengthyHe scanned the lengthy articles searching for the information he needed.
biographicalThe researchers compiled a database of over a thousand biographical articles from various sources.

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