Adjectives for Assembly

Adjectives For Assembly

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing assembly, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'assembly' can significantly alter the tone and specificity of your sentence. Words like 'general' and 'national' evoke a sense of wide-ranging importance and scope, while 'legislative' introduces a more focused, governmental aspect. 'Whole' brings about a sense of unity or completeness, contrasting with 'popular' and 'representative,' which suggest approval and delegation, respectively. Each adjective shades 'assembly' with unique nuances, illustrating the power of language to refine and specify meaning. To unravel the subtle differences each adjective introduces to 'assembly,' explore the full list of adjectives used with this versatile noun below.
generalThe general assembly was called to order.
nationalThe National assembly is the legislative branch of the government.
legislativeThe legislative assembly passed a bill that would increase funding for education.
wholeThe whole assembly was captivated by the speaker's words.
popularPopular assembly was one of the important democratic institutions in the 17th century England.
representativeThe representative assembly is the highest governing body of the university.
finalThe final assembly of the car took place in Detroit.
publicThe public assembly was held in the town square.
entireThe entire assembly was moved to the new facility.
provincialThe provincial assembly passed a resolution condemning the violence.
unlawfulThe protesters were charged with unlawful assembly
deliberativeThe deliberative assembly met to discuss the state of the city.
completeThe complete assembly of the circuit took several hours.
colonialThe colonial assembly was a representative body which made laws for the colony.
electedThis elected assembly's mandate is to represent the concerns of its constituents.
augustThe august assembly convened to consider the momentous issue.
freeThe right to free assembly is protected under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment.
peacefulThe First Amendment protects the right to peaceful assembly
vastThe vast assembly of people gazed up at the night sky.
solemnThe solemn assembly was held in the town square.
constitutionalThe constitutional assembly debated the new constitution at length.
subThe sub assembly was not installed correctly.
annualThe annual assembly was held last week to discuss the company's performance and plans.
numerousThe numerous assembly of children sat quietly in anticipation of the show.
memberThe board of directors can convene a member assembly at any time.
consultativeShe was summoned to the consultative assembly to discuss the financial crisis.
democraticThe democratic assembly was a success, with all voices being heard and respected.
athenianThe Athenian assembly was a democratic institution in ancient Athens where all male citizens over the age of 18 could participate in the decision-making process of the city-state.
federalThe federal assembly passed a bill to increase taxes.
jointThe joint assembly was completed successfully.
complexThe complex assembly required a team of experts to complete the project.
typicalWe are using typical assembly to build this program.
territorialThe territorial assembly of New Caledonia is responsible for the island's internal affairs.
parliamentary"I was delighted to visit the PACE and address the Parliamentary Assembly."
sovereignThe sovereign assembly convened to discuss the future of the nation.
rearThe rear assembly of the car was severely damaged in the accident.
mechanicalThe mechanical assembly was completed on time and under budget.
turkishThe Turkish assembly approved a new law that will increase the minimum wage.
automaticThe automatic assembly line increased the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
municipalThe municipal assembly convened to discuss the city's budget.
tribalThe tribal assembly convened to discuss the future of their land.
unicameralThe legislature is a unicameral assembly with 150 members elected for four-year terms.
electronicThe electronic assembly line was running smoothly, producing hundreds of units per hour.
frontThe front assembly of the car was badly damaged in the accident.
grandThe grand assembly gathered to discuss important matters.
brilliantThe brilliant assembly of engineers solved the problem with ease.
crowdedThe crowded assembly cheered wildly.
regionalThe regional assembly voted to approve the new tax measure.
electoralThe electoral assembly is assigned to select the next president by January 20th.
peaceableThe peaceable assembly was a great success, with many people coming together to express their views.
manualThe manual assembly process took several hours to complete.
automatedThe automated assembly line efficiently produced a large quantity of products at a consistent level of quality.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary assembly was a beacon of hope for the oppressed.
plenaryThe plenary assembly was held in the main hall of the building.
liturgicalThe liturgical assembly sang the hymn with great joy.
illegalThe police dispersed the illegal assembly with tear gas.

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