Adjectives for Assistance

Adjectives For Assistance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing assistance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe assistance can significantly alter the nuance of your message. Whether you receive financial help to cover bills, technical support for software issues, or public backing from a community project, each type of assistance carries its unique implications. Similarly, military and economic assistance speak to broader interventions on a governmental or global scale. The value of the aid can also be underscored by describing it as valuable, emphasizing its importance or benefit to the recipient. Delve deeper into the layers of meaning each adjective introduces to the noun assistance in our comprehensive list below.
financialThe family received financial assistance from the government.
technicalThe company provided technical assistance to its international customers.
publicThe family is currently receiving public assistance
militaryThe country has asked for military assistance from its allies.
economicThe United States is providing economic assistance to countries in need.
valuableI am grateful for your valuable assistance on this project.
mutualThe club members provided mutual assistance to each other.
medicalHe applied for medical assistance to cover the costs of his surgery.
foreignForeign assistance has been essential to the developing economies of many countries.
federalThe low-income family was able to afford a home thanks to federal assistance
invaluableHer invaluable assistance made the project a success.
muchHe received much assistance from his friends.
legalI contacted a lawyer who offered me the best legal assistance
expertWe were able to complete the project with expert assistance
directThe social worker provides direct assistance to the family.
externalWe relied heavily on external assistance to complete the project.
furtherI will be here to offer any further assistance you may need.
specialWe offer special assistance to those with mobility impairments.
professionalWhen faced with a complex problem, it is advisable to seek professional assistance
outsideWe are working hard to improve our service without any outside assistance
considerableThe project was completed with considerable assistance from volunteers.
generousHe received generous assistance from his colleagues.
humanitarianThe humanitarian assistance provided by the organization was crucial in alleviating the suffering of the displaced families.
internationalThe international assistance program has been a success, with many people receiving aid.
divineWith divine assistance we can overcome any obstacle.
additionalI would need additional assistance with this task.
substantialThe company received substantial assistance from the government.
officialThe official assistance in the form of security support will be provided next week.
secretarialThe team requires secretarial assistance for administrative tasks.
practicalShe could offer him no practical assistance
immediateThe team requires immediate assistance to complete the project on time.
necessaryIn order to ensure the smooth operation of the project, necessary assistance will be provided to the team.
activeThe support group provided active assistance to the newly diagnosed patients.
excellentI received excellent assistance from the customer service representative.
clericalThe company is hiring for an entry-level position to provide clerical assistance
pecuniaryHe sought pecuniary assistance from his wealthy uncle.
ableWith able assistance she was able to overcome the difficult task.
editorialThe author sought editorial assistance in revising the manuscript.
effectiveThe court appointed counsel to provide effective assistance to the indigent defendant.
greatestThe greatest assistance was provided by the team of experts.
governmentalThe family was struggling financially, so they decided to apply for governmental assistance
adequateThe manager did not provide adequate assistance to the new employee.
educationalThe organization provides educational assistance to underprivileged students.
temporaryThe temporary assistance provided by the volunteers was invaluable.
timelyHis timely assistance was much appreciated.
mechanicalThe surgery was performed with the help of mechanical assistance
limitedThe program provides limited assistance to new users.
ageThe age assistance program provides financial support to low-income seniors.
bilateralThe United States has been providing bilateral assistance to Afghanistan for many years.
administrativeI need some administrative assistance with scheduling appointments.
friendlyI appreciate your friendly assistance in this matter.
extensiveThe project received extensive assistance from various organizations.
occasionalThe nurse provided occasional assistance to the patient during the rehabilitation process.
minimalThe patient required minimal assistance to get dressed.
promptThe prompt assistance provided by the team was crucial in resolving the issue timely.
massiveThe company received massive assistance from the government during the pandemic.
skilledThe skilled assistance of the medical team saved his life.
technologicalThe team utilized technological assistance to simplify complex calculations.
helpfulThe helpful assistance provided by the volunteers made the event a success.
monetaryThe organization provided monetary assistance to families in need.
armedThe security guard provided armed assistance during the hostage situation.
supernaturalThe hikers were stranded in the wilderness and relied on supernatural assistance to find their way back to civilization.

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