Adjectives for Associate

Adjectives For Associate

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing associate, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an 'associate' can significantly change the nuance of your sentence, hinting at not only the professional hierarchy but also the time or emotional depth of the relationship. Describing someone as a 'senior associate' clearly places them within a particular level in a company, specifying their rank and possibly their expertise. An 'old associate,' on the other hand, might imply a long-standing connection, rich in history and experiences. Meanwhile, terms like 'close' and 'intimate' associate suggest a deep personal bond, perhaps going beyond mere professional ties. Each adjective unveils a different layer to the relationship, painting a more detailed picture for the reader. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe every type of associate below.
closeThe close associate was a prominent figure in the investigation.
formerHe is my former associate and we no longer have any connection.
seniorThe senior associate led the team with great expertise.
oldHe was an old associate of my father.
closestJohn was his closest associate for many years.
intimateHarold was arrested and charged with assault against his intimate associate Cora.
youngThe young associate was eager to prove himself.
politicalHer political associate was a known lobbyist.
freeDuring the session, the therapist asked the patient to free associate
timeThe time associate is a person who helps people find work.
longtimeOur longtime associate John Smith, is now the CEO of the company.
earlyHe was an early associate of the notorious gangster Al Capone.
juniorThe junior associate was eager to prove her worth to the company.
foreignShe was a foreign associate at the law firm.
commonHe is a common associate of mine.
yearMy year associate is confident that the team will win.
constantJohn's constant associate was a tall man with a long beard.
chiefThe chief associate was a trusted confidant of the CEO.
professionalMy professional associate Dr. Smith, is a highly skilled surgeon.
femaleSarah was his female associate since the beginning of the project.
youngerThe younger associate brought forth a groundbreaking idea that revolutionized the workplace.
pairedThe paired associate learning technique involves pairing two stimuli together.
principalThe principal associate oversaw the team's legal research and drafting.
fitMy fit associate helped me find the perfect pair of jeans.
worthyHe is a worthy associate to be reckoned with.
frequentShe was convicted of murder, along with her frequent associate
clinicalAs a clinical associate I'm responsible for providing support to patients and their families.
lateI heard he was our late associate John Smith.
activeMy active associate was very helpful.
postdoctoralThe postdoctoral associate conducted research in the field of artificial intelligence.
editorialThe editorial associate proofread the manuscript carefully.
honoraryMy honorary associate has been a great help to me.
literaryThe literary associate proofread the manuscript with great attention to detail.
maleThe male associate helped me find the right product.
ableHe is an able associate in our company.
faithfulMy faithful associate has been with me through thick and thin.
loyalHe brought his loyal associate a man named Dave, with him.
lifelongOur lifelong associate had been a part of our organization for many years.
congenialMy congenial associate is always ready to help out.
valuableJack was a valuable associate to me, and I was grateful for his hard work.
pastoralShe acted as a pastoral associate for 19 years before becoming a teacher.
distinguishedThe firm's distinguished associate Ms. Smith, presented the case to the jury.
belovedMy beloved associate we have been through so much together.
inseparableJohn and his inseparable associate Mary have been friends since childhood.
confidentialThe confidential associate was tasked with handling sensitive information.
dangerousIt would be unwise of you to form an alliance with such a dangerous associate
youthfulThe youthful associate greeted customers with a warm smile.
familiarI saw my familiar associate at the store yesterday.
onetimeAlthough I have no connection with him now, he was once my onetime associate
learnedThe learned associate was a gifted speaker who always commanded the jury's attention.
artisticThe artistic associate collaborated with the director to create a stunning visual experience.
habitualHe was convicted of racketeering and identified as a habitual associate by the state.
agreeableThe agreeable associate helped me throughout the day.
brilliantThe brilliant associate provided invaluable insights and solutions.
criminalHe was arrested for associating with a known criminal associate
delightfulShe's such a delightful associate her presence makes the day brighter.
levelThe level associate was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the department.

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