Adjectives for Associates

Adjectives For Associates

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing associates, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The nouns we use in everyday language often come ripe with a plethora of adjectives, each adding a distinct flavor and intention behind the word. When it comes to the noun 'associates', the adjectives that precede it—such as 'close', 'former', 'closest', 'old', and 'political'—can deeply influence the nuances of your message. A 'close associate' implies a relationship bonded by trust and proximity, while a 'former associate' hints at a shared past that has since diverged. 'Political associates' may bring to mind alliances shaped by shared ideologies. Each combination of 'associate' with its descriptive partner unveils unique dimensions of human connections and histories. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'associates' to enrich your narratives.
closeRumor had it that the president's close associates were involved in the scandal.
formerI often think about my former associates
closestHer closest associates were all loyalists.
oldHe was visited by some old associates the other night.
politicalHe stood with his political associates at the center of the room.
professionalI met my professional associates for dinner last night.
immediateThe CEO met with her immediate associates to discuss the company's financial performance.
pairedThe paired associates technique is a memory aid that involves linking two items together in order to remember them.
earlyEarly associates who collaborated with him on several projects.
foreignOur foreign associates will be here in the morning.
principalThe principal associates on this project were highly competent and experienced.
chiefThe chief associates of the firm helped to negotiate the deal.
youngerI'm so glad I have younger associates to help me with my work.
seniorThe firm's senior associates possess a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields.
femaleThe company has many female associates in its ranks.
time"Time associates with this sad Tommie." he said.
juniorWe were all junior associates at the same time.
criminalThe defendant had a long history of criminal associates
evilEvil associates corrupt quickly.
literaryThe author's literary associates included several notable poets and novelists.
badI learned the hard way to avoid bad associates
congenialWorking together in a team with such congenial associates made the long hours and stressful tasks easier to bear.
numerousThey conducted an in-depth investigation which led to the arrest of the man and his numerous associates
dailyI have several daily associates that I work with.
usualI'm not going to hang out with my usual associates tonight.
braveThe brave associates faced the challenges head-on.
hisThe police arrested him and his associates
fellowI had a great time working with my fellow associates
longtimeThe two recent hires were quick to prove that they could work well with the company's longtime associates
ableI rely on my able associates to help me complete my work.
worthyI seek worthy associates to collaborate on this endeavor.
topI am proud to work with my top associates
republican"I saw a group of Republican associates at the local party headquarters."
loyalHe was accompanied by his loyal associates who had stood by him through thick and thin.
mindedIt is better to be alone than in bad company, so choose your like-minded associates carefully.
radicalThe oil prices affected many radical associates
verbalThe verbal associates of this word are 'dog,' 'cat,' and 'bird'.
familiarI've heard of him through my familiar associates
earliestHis earliest associates were Robert Strange, Gavin Hamilton, and Andrew Lumisden.
patientThe patient associates were very helpful and kind.
distinguishedI am honored to work with such distinguished associates
habitualThe detectives routinely questioned the suspect's habitual associates
frequentThe frequent associates in the group had a close bond.
nobleWe should be careful of our noble associates
missionaryMy younger sister wants to become a member of the missionary associates

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