Adjectives for Association

Adjectives For Association

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing association, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an association can profoundly affect the nuance of your sentence. Words like close and intimate emphasize the depth and warmth of the relationship, suggesting a bond that goes beyond mere acquaintance. On the other hand, adjectives such as long and strong highlight the duration and resilience of an association, respectively. When you opt for free or voluntary, you're pointing to the nature of the association's formation - one based on choice rather than obligation. Each adjective opens a window to a different landscape of human connection. Below, explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can add color and specificity to your descriptions of associations.
closeThey've had a close association with the university for many years.
freeFree association is a technique used in psychoanalysis to uncover unconscious thoughts and feelings.
longI have had a long association with the organization.
strongThere is a strong association between coffee consumption and increased energy levels.
voluntaryThe voluntary association is a politically and financially independent group.
professionalThe professional association hosted a conference for its members.
positiveThe positive association between exercise and good health is well-known.
nationalThe national association of car manufacturers is holding its annual convention next week.
localThe local association is responsible for organizing the annual fundraiser.
significantA significant association was found between lifestyle variables and health outcomes.
politicalThe political association of this organization is not clear.
directEmployees with direct association with our company are more motivated than others.
negativeThe negative association between smoking and health has been well documented.
possibleThere is a possible association between alcohol use and breast cancer.
frequentJohn and Mary have a frequent association
closerThe company's closer association with the project is expected to expedite its completion.
cooperativeThe cooperative association proved to be a valuable resource for the community, providing a wide range of services to its members.
constantThe constant association of certain words with specific concepts can shape our thinking.
internationalThis international association is dedicated to promoting cooperation and understanding between its members from different parts of the world.
operativeThe operative association experienced a surge in demand for their services.
historicalThe city of Rome has a long and rich historical association with the Catholic Church.
clearThe clear association between the two variables was undeniable.
differentialDifferential association theory posits that individuals learn criminal behavior through their interactions with others.
looseHis loose association of ideas made it difficult to follow his train of thought.
regionalThe regional association held its annual conference last week.
mutualThe mutual association between the two companies has benefited both parties.
mereHe was found to be guilty by mere association with the criminals.
statisticalThe study found a statistical association between smoking and lung cancer.
unincorporatedThe chamber of commerce and league of women voters are examples of unincorporated associations.
athleticThe athletic association is responsible for organizing and promoting sports events at the university.
independentThis study investigated the independent association between team affiliation and player performance.
apparentThe apparent association between the two variables was not statistically significant.
formalThere was a formal association between the two companies.
causalThe causal association between smoking and lung cancer is well-established.
weakI have a weak association with the organization.
continuedWe were grateful for their continued association with our company.
permanentThe new policy would form a permanent association between the two organizations.
finnishThe Finnish association for Nature Conservation is a non-profit environmental organization.
observedThe observed association between smoking and lung cancer is well-established.
consistentThe consistent association between the two variables was statistically significant.
definiteThe definite association between these two people was undeniable.
linearThe linear association between test score and years of experience in the industry was significant.
norwegianThe Norwegian association is a non-profit organization that promotes Norwegian culture and heritage.
strongerThe correlation between these two variables is strong and they have a stronger association with each other.
symbioticThe two species of bacteria formed a symbiotic association each providing benefits to the other.
temporalThe temporal association between the two events is not clear.
largestThe largest association of this type includes over 3,000 organizations worldwide.
spatialThe spatial association between the two objects was clear.
nonprofitThe nonprofit association is dedicated to providing support to the underprivileged.
informalThe friendly gathering was marked with informal association

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