Adjectives for Asylum

Adjectives For Asylum

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing asylum, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'asylum' can significantly alter the context and emotion of a sentence. Descriptors like 'lunatic' or 'insane' often reflect archaic and pejorative views on mental health, providing a stark, often negative, contrast to more modern and sensitive terms. Conversely, 'political' or 'orphan' illuminate the refuge aspect, focusing on shelter and protection for those escaping persecution or without care. 'Private' and 'mental' further distinguish between the types of care and conditions within, suggesting exclusivity or specifying the nature of the asylum. Each adjective unpacks a unique facet of asylum, extending beyond its base meaning to reveal societal, historical, and personal nuances. Dive into the full breadth of adjectives commonly associated with 'asylum' to explore their significant impact on interpretation.
insaneI visited my friend in the insane asylum yesterday, and he seemed much happier than I remembered.
politicalJuan immigrated to America after being granted political asylum
orphanThe dilapidated orphan asylum stood desolate, its once-bright facade now faded into obscurity.
privateHer parents kept her in a private asylum for most of her life.
temporaryThe refugees were granted temporary asylum in the neighboring country.
secureHe was granted secure asylum in the neighboring country.
diplomaticDiplomatic asylum also known as diplomatic protection, is the protection granted by a state to individuals who have taken refuge in its diplomatic or consular premises.
sacredThe ancient temple provided sacred asylum to those fleeing persecution.
deafThe deaf asylum was a place of refuge for those who could not hear.
permanentThe refugees were granted permanent asylum in the country.
inviolableThe inviolable asylum of the home should be respected.
territorialThe territorial asylum offered by the United States government has been a significant factor in the country's immigration history.
blindShe spent her first four years in a blind asylum
peacefulThe peaceful asylum provided solace to the weary refugees.
inebriateThe inebriate asylum was a place where people went to recover from alcoholism.
comfortableShe found a comfortable asylum with the nuns.
sureThose fleeing violence should be granted sure asylum
hospitableThe hospitable asylum welcomed refugees seeking sanctuary.
happyThe happy asylum was filled with joyous laughter and smiling faces.
nearestI'll go to the nearest asylum if you don't stop talking.
infantThe infant asylum was a place where abandoned babies were cared for.
honourableThe honourable asylum provided refuge to those fleeing persecution.
quietThe quiet asylum was a place of peace and tranquility.
navalThe naval asylum provides refuge for retired sailors.
readyThe ready asylum of heaven is open to all.
benevolentThe wealthy benefactor established a benevolent asylum for the city's impoverished.
saferThe new policy aims to provide safer asylum for refugees fleeing war and persecution.
provincialThe young woman was sent to the provincial asylum after she suffered a mental breakdown.
psychiatricThe patient was admitted to the psychiatric asylum for evaluation.
charitableThe charitable asylum provided refuge for those who had fallen on hard times.
convenientThey found convenient asylum in his house.
nearbyI saw a strange man lurking near the nearby asylum
soughtThe refugees sought asylum in a neighboring country.
tranquilThe tranquil asylum provided a haven for those seeking sanctuary from the chaos of the world.
swissI applied for swiss asylum after fleeing my home country.

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