Adjectives for Attention

Adjectives For Attention

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing attention, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the intricate world of language, the adjectives we pair with the noun 'attention' delicately modify its intensity and focus. Whether describing 'special attention' to denote a unique importance, 'much attention' to underscore significance, or 'little attention' for minimal care, each adjective shifts the narrative, painting a varied picture of concern and interest. 'Particular attention' highlights specificity, while 'close attention' suggests careful scrutiny. These modifiers not only enrich our sentences but also fine-tune the message being conveyed. Unlock the potential of your prose by exploring the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'attention' to life, each with its own shade of meaning and intrigue. Discover the complete list and enhance your writing with the perfect descriptive touch.
specialShe paid special attention to the details of the project.
muchShe paid much attention to her appearance.
littleWith little attention the child crept down the hall.
moreThe teacher paid more attention to the student who was struggling.
particularWe reviewed the proposal with particular attention to its financial implications.
closeThe teacher listened with close attention as the student presented his project.
considerableThe company paid considerable attention to detail.
carefulWith careful attention the surgeon removed the patient's appendix.
publicThe recent scandal has drawn a lot of public attention
medicalThe injured hiker required immediate medical attention
lessShe paid less attention to her surroundings.
greaterWe must pay greater attention to the details.
seriousThe article received serious attention and provoked considerable discussion.
fullShe listened to the teacher with full attention
mostShe dedicated most attention to her favorite subject in school.
immediateThis matter requires immediate attention
constantThe constant attention to detail is what makes this project so successful.
personalThe manager gave the new employee personal attention to help them get settled in.
dueThe proposal was reviewed with due attention to its implications.
properPay proper attention to the details of the project.
furtherFurther attention is required to resolve the issue.
undividedThe professor spoke with undivided attention to his students.
nationalThe scandal drew national attention leading to the politician's resignation.
scantThe teacher gave scant attention to the student's misbehavior.
selectiveHe is unable to pay selective attention to the speaker's words because of the construction noises.
sufficientThe proposal was given sufficient attention during the meeting.
enoughShe didn't pay enough attention to the instructions.
criticalThe research paper received critical attention from the editors.
greatestThe President listened with the greatest attention as the expert explained the new technology.
closerThe teacher asked us to pay closer attention to the instructions.
worthThe details of the experiment are worth attention
especialWe paid especial attention to detail in our work, ensuring accuracy and precision in every aspect.
raptThe students listened to the lecture with rapt attention
strictThe new employee listened with strict attention as his manager explained the company's policies.
wideHer speech received wide attention from the media.
visualI have visual attention
adequateThe proposal was not given adequate attention during the meeting.
insufficientThe team's performance suffered due to insufficient attention to detail.
promptWe would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
equalWith equal attention the artist carefully applied each stroke of paint to the canvas.
slightestShe didn't pay the slightest attention to his request.
scholarlyA team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have received scholarly attention for their work on a new type of artificial intelligence.
closestWe must pay closest attention to the details.
extraShe glanced over the printouts, giving extra attention to the ones with red ink.
widespreadThe widespread attention to the issue brought about several solutions.
consciousI meditate everyday to enhance my conscious attention
respectfulHe listened with respectful attention to the teacher's lecture.
meticulousThe restoration team worked with meticulous attention to preserve the historical details of the building.
earnestThe students listened with earnest attention to the professor's lecture.
detailedShe inspected the painting with detailed attention
exclusiveThe professor requested exclusive attention from the students during the lecture.
urgentThis matter requires urgent attention
concentratedReading with concentrated attention is crucial for effective learning.
utmostThe professor listened to the student's presentation with utmost attention
undueThe undue attention given to celebrity gossip has created a distorted view of reality.
inadequateThe project failed due to inadequate attention to detail.
scrupulousThe researcher conducted the experiment with scrupulous attention to detail.
minuteHe paid minute attention to every detail in his work.
voluntaryThe teacher was happy to see that students showed voluntary attention during class.
sustainedThe student exhibited sustained attention throughout the lecture.
favorableI received favorable attention for my work.
explicitExplicit attention is given to the details of the project.
systematicHis work is characterized by a systematic attention to detail.
profoundThe tutor listened to the student's concerns with profound attention
unwantedThe unwanted attention from the paparazzi was making it difficult for her to live her life.

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