Adjectives for Attorney

Adjectives For Attorney

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing attorney, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'attorney' paired with different adjectives opens up a world of nuanced meanings, unfolding the depths of legal expertise and experience. An 'assistant attorney' denotes someone on the path of learning and growth within the legal framework, while a 'young attorney' brings a fresh perspective to traditional practices. A 'prominent attorney' signals a figure of considerable influence and reputation in the legal domain, suggesting a wealth of experience and successful cases. The 'local attorney' signifies accessibility and familiarity with local laws and customs, providing a sense of community and personal touch. The term 'own attorney' emphasizes personal investment and responsibility in legal matters, whereas a 'former attorney' indicates a wealth of experience and a history of legal practice. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'attorney' that can significantly alter its interpretation and implication in various contexts below.
assistantThe assistant attorney carefully reviewed the case files.
youngThe young attorney presented her case with confidence.
prominentThe prominent attorney was known for his aggressive litigation style.
localI highly recommend the local attorney for his expertise in the field.
ownI'm my own attorney so I can represent myself in court.
formerThe former attorney was disbarred for unethical conduct.
goodShe hired a good attorney to represent her in court.
successfulThe successful attorney fought diligently for her client's rights.
privateThe private attorney represented the defendant in the trial.
criminalThe criminal attorney defended his client vigorously in court.
reasonableIt is reasonable attorney that he should be paid for his services.
competentThe competent attorney deftly defended his client against the charges.
experiencedThe experienced attorney argued his case with confidence.
personalI need to speak with my personal attorney before I make a decision.
corporateThe corporate attorney reviewed the contract thoroughly before presenting it to the board.
federalThe federal attorney general will announce the indictments tomorrow.
specialThe special attorney was appointed to investigate the matter.
chiefThe chief attorney skillfully presented the case to the jury.
appointedThe defendant was represented by an appointed attorney
realI hired a real attorney to represent me in court.
blackThe black attorney represented his client in court.
districtThe district attorney is investigating the case.
seniorThe senior attorney carefully reviewed the case and provided sound legal advice.
knownThe known attorney defended his client in court.
civilThe civil attorney represented the plaintiff in the lawsuit.
ableThe able attorney presented a compelling case to the jury, resulting in a favorable verdict for his client.
brilliantThe brilliant attorney presented a compelling case that exonerated his client.
femaleThe female attorney defended her client with vigor.
eminentThe eminent attorney presented a compelling case to the jury.
licensedThe licensed attorney argued the case vehemently before the judge.
distinguishedThe distinguished attorney presented a compelling case to the jury.
qualifiedI am a qualified attorney and I can help you with your case.
famousThe famous attorney won the case.
countyThe county attorney in the case argued for the death penalty.
legalI need to consult with my legal attorney before I make a decision.
respectedI was referred to the respected attorney by my friend.
timeThe time attorney is an expert who can help you manage your time wisely.
knowledgeableThe knowledgeable attorney defended his client with vigor.
wealthyThe wealthy attorney owned a large mansion on the coast.
retiredThe retired attorney enjoyed his newfound freedom.
skilledI hired a skilled attorney to represent me in court.
ambitiousThe ambitious attorney worked tirelessly to build a successful law firm.
excellentHe is an excellent attorney who has won many cases.
prosecutingThe prosecuting attorney presented a compelling case to the jury.
cleverThe clever attorney won the case with a brilliant closing argument.
notedThe noted attorney gave a speech to the legal community.
reputableI recommend you hire a reputable attorney to help you with your case.
tribalThe tribal attorney represented the Native American tribe in court
regionalThe regional attorney for the South, John Smith, is responsible for all legal matters in the region.
respectableI hired a respectable attorney to help me with my case.
honestThe honest attorney did not hesitate to point out the flaws in his client's case.
outsideEllis, a partner in the law firm, also serves as outside attorney to several corporations.
municipalThe municipal attorney represented the city in court.
prosperousThe prosperous attorney lived in a luxurious mansion.
elderMy elder attorney drafted my advance directive.
shrewdThe shrewd attorney presented a compelling case.
clientThe client attorney prepared the case meticulously.
outstandingHe was an outstanding attorney well-known for his courtroom victories.
topThe top attorney in the city handled the high-profile case with great skill and precision.
aggressiveThe aggressive attorney presented the case with unwavering determination.
poweredMr. Jones gave his powered attorney to his son.
civilianThe civilian attorney cross-examined the witness to show bias.
sharpSarah's sharp attorney quickly drafted a formidable defense.
pettifoggingThe pettifogging attorney twisted the words of the contract to suit his client's needs.
registeredI am a registered attorney in the state of California.

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