Adjectives for Auction

Adjectives For Auction

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing auction, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an auction can illuminate its nature and the expectations around it. A public auction implies accessibility and a broad participation base, while a Dutch auction brings to mind a specific method of price determination, highlighting its unique appeal. The mention of a first auction evokes notions of novelty and opportunity, whereas the term price auction zeroes in on the competitive financial aspect. An open auction suggests transparency and inclusivity, in contrast to a double auction, which introduces a layer of complexity through simultaneous buying and selling. Each adjective adds a shade of meaning, painting a fuller picture of the auction event. Discover the full spectrum of descriptive possibilities below, unraveling the subtleties each term unveils.
publicI found a beautiful antique vase at a public auction
dutchThe tulip selling market had a unique mechanism called the dutch auction
firstThe first auction of the day was a success.
priceFixed price auction refers to the listing format that allows sellers to set a fixed price for their items.
openThe painting was sold at an open auction
doubleThe double auction is a type of auction in which both buyers and sellers can submit bids.
bidThe bid auction is scheduled to take place on Friday.
englishThe company sold the antique furniture at an english auction
onlineI found a great deal on an online auction
silentI attended a silent auction to support the local arts foundation.
annualThe annual auction raised a record amount of money for the charity.
secondThe second auction will be held next week.
reverseThe reverse auction process resulted in a significant cost reduction for the organization.
competitiveThe painting sold for a record price at a competitive auction
privateThe select few collectors were invited to the private auction
weeklyThe weekly auction will take place on Saturday at 10am.
liveThe live auction was a huge success, with many rare items being sold.
mockThe mock auction raised a significant amount of money for charity.
recentThe recent auction was a huge success, with many rare and valuable items being sold.
continuousIn the continuous auction orders are executed on a first-come, first-served basis.
oralThe oral auction was lively and competitive, with bids flying fast and furious.
combinatorialThe combinatorial auction attracted many bidders.
regularThis product does not qualify for a regular auction
simultaneousA simultaneous auction is a type of auction in which all bidders submit their bids at the same time.
successfulThe successful auction raised over a million dollars for charity.
livestockI attended the weekly livestock auction to bid on some cattle.
electronicThe government's electronic auction will start at 10am tomorrow.
preThe furniture is available for viewing pre auction
optimalThe optimal auction is the auction that maximizes the seller’s revenue.
discriminatoryThe discriminatory auction is a type of auction in which the seller can set different prices for different buyers.
payI was able to get a good deal on the new car thanks to the pay auction
sealedThe winning bid in a sealed auction is the highest bid that was submitted in secret.
postI attended the post auction meeting
antiqueThe antique auction featured a rare collection of Victorian furniture.
dailyThe daily auction began promptly at 10:00 AM.
largestThe largest auction in history was held last week.
uniformThe company offered a uniform auction in which all bids were treated equally.
closedThe results of the closed auction will be announced next week.
wholesaleThe wholesale auction of used cars resulted in the highest bid of $10,000.
lineThe line auction is a process by which airlines sell unsold seats on their flights.
forthcomingThe forthcoming auction will feature a wide range of rare and valuable items.
valueThe company is holding a value auction to sell off its assets.
monthlyThe monthly auction will be held online this year.
svyazinvestIn 2006, Comstar won the sixth Svyazinvest auction
sequentialThe sequential auction is a type of auction in which bidders make bids sequentially, one after the other.
walrasianThe Walrasian auction is a theoretical construct that can be used to achieve equilibrium.
publickThe house was put up for publick auction in front of the town hall.
compulsoryThe bank threatened to seize the house through a compulsory auction
unitThe city council held a unit auction to sell the surplus vehicles.

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