Adjectives for Audio

Adjectives For Audio

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing audio, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the realm of audio opens up a universe where adjectives play a pivotal role in shaping perception and expectation. Words like digital and quality highlight the technological and fidelity aspects, respectively, while dvd and way can signal the format or approach taken towards audio production. Phrases such as bit rate and time alignment further delve into the technical intricacies that can greatly influence the final output. Each adjective carries with it a nuance, a specific flavor that can drastically alter how we experience sound. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with audio to uncover the subtle, yet powerful, ways they impact our auditory journey.
digitalI was listening to digital audio on my computer.
qualityThe headphones produce quality audio
dvdThe DVD audio provides an immersive sound experience in your home.
wayThe way audio is processed has changed dramatically.
bitThe bit audio was very clear and easy to understand.
timeThe time audio file is available for download.
liveI want to listen to live audio from London.
originalCheck out the original audio here.
highThe stereo played at high audio
visualThe visual audio created a captivating experience.
interactiveThe interactive audio installation invites visitors to explore the soundscape of the city.
professionalThe professional audio system delivered crystal-clear sound throughout the auditorium.
uncompressedThe uncompressed audio file is much larger than the compressed file.
recordedCould you please send me the recorded audio again?
multichannelThe latest version of the streaming service comes with support for multichannel audio
fullThe recording has full audio
stereoI listened to the music with stereo audio
separateThe separate audio track is available for download.
sampledThe sampled audio file contained a variety of sound effects.
basedI am enjoying this music based audio
multipleThe movie's multiple audio tracks provided a captivating and immersive viewing experience.
recordI can record audio with my phone.
betterThe headphones provide better audio quality throughout the entire frequency range.
soundThe sound audio was very clear and crisp.
rawI recorded the raw audio from the interview.
actualThe conversation was recorded with actual audio
standardThe standard audio format is WAV.
shorthandThe shorthand audio was extremely helpful for students.
prerecordedThe prerecorded audio played smoothly during the presentation.
embeddedThe embedded audio file contains a recording of a bird singing.
compactThe compact audio was placed in the corner of the room.
integratedThe laptop has a built-in microphone and integrated audio for clear calls and music playback.
clearThe presentation had clear audio despite the noisy venue.
externalThe external audio device is not working properly.
encodedThe encoded audio file contains a secret message.
simultaneousThis device uses simultaneous audio to deliver sound from both the microphone and a music player to your ears.
incomingThe incoming audio was clear and easy to understand.
spatialImmerse yourself in the captivating world of spatial audio
electronicThe electronic audio was clear and crisp.
monoThe audio file was recorded in mono audio
positionalPositional audio allows the user to determine which direction a sound is coming from in their headphones or speakers.
nonspeechThe nonspeech audio was barely audible over the loud conversation.
portableThe portable audio player was small enough to fit in his pocket.
videoThe video audio was crystal clear.
correspondingI love listening to music with corresponding audio
linearThe linear audio format has a constant bitrate.
duplexThe duplex audio allowed for the simultaneous exchange of voice data between the two devices.
syntheticThe synthetic audio was created using a variety of techniques.
levelThe level audio was perfect for the presentation.
onlineI'm listening to an online audio book right now.
mixedHer speech was distorted by the mixed audio feedback from the faulty sound system.
sophisticatedThe high-fidelity sound system delivered a sophisticated audio experience.
multimediaThe multimedia audio presentation was a great success.
unabridgedWhen you get home from work, put the unabridged audio in the car.
continuousThe continuous audio recording captured the entire conversation.
mpegThis audio file is encoded using MPEG audio
structuredThe structured audio file was clear and concise.
synchronousThe synchronous audio played perfectly with the video.

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