Adjectives for Author

Adjectives For Author

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing author, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'author' carries with it a realm of possibilities, shaped by the adjectives that precede it. Whether describing the 'same author' to draw comparisons, highlighting the 'present author' to focus on current works, or delving into the intrigue of an 'anonymous author,' each adjective opens a new chapter in understanding. The 'first author' often holds a pioneering role, while an 'American author' provides cultural context, and 'original' emphasizes uniqueness. These nuanced combinations not only enrich our conversations but also deepen our appreciation for literature and creativity. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'author' to discover how each word transforms the narrative landscape.
sameThe two books are by the same author
presentThe present author has written extensively on this topic.
firstThe first author of the paper is Dr. Smith.
anonymousThe anonymous author's work was met with critical acclaim.
americanThe American author wrote a book about the history of the United States.
originalThe original author of the book is unknown.
youngThe young author wrote a captivating novel that resonated with readers of all ages.
seniorDr. Elena Hindoyan, a senior author of the study, said she hopes her work will help reduce the incidence of breast cancer.
realThe real author of this work remains unknown.
unknownThe unknown author penned a mysterious and compelling tale.
englishThe english author wrote a fantastic fiction novel.
singleThe book had a single author
jointThe paper was written by a joint author
famousThe famous author was known for his captivating storytelling and vivid characters.
learnedThe learned author has published numerous books on the subject.
frenchVictor Hugo was a renowned French author
principalThe principal author of the book is a renowned historian.
prolificShe is a prolific author with over 20 published books to her name.
impliedThe implied author is the untraceable, anonymous source of a literary text.
favoriteMy favorite author is Toni Morrison.
celebratedThe celebrated author gave a reading from his latest novel.
popularThe popular author's book was a bestseller.
distinguishedThe distinguished author gave a captivating speech at the book launch.
knownThe scholar is not a known author
ancientThe ancient author had a keen eye for detail.
soleJohn was the sole author of the research paper.
favouriteMy favourite author is Jane Austen.
germanThe German author wrote a book about his childhood.
reputedMy close friend is a reputed author however I want to keep their name a secret.
britishThe famous British author visited the local library.
trueThe true author of the novel has remained anonymous.
successfulThe successful author's new book was an instant bestseller.
latterThe latter author has been accused of plagiarism.
dramaticThe play by the dramatic author focused on the struggles of love, loss, and betrayal.
ingeniousThe ingenious author had a unique way of storytelling that kept readers captivated.
sellingShe is a well-selling author who became famous overnight.
greekAristotle was a Greek author philosopher, and logician.
chiefThe chief author of the report was Dr. Smith.
contemporaryThe contemporary author's latest novel explores the complexities of modern relationships.
divineThe divine author of this play has a wicked sense of humor.
eminentThe eminent author gave a powerful and inspiring speech.
centuryThe 19th-century author is famous for his novels.
latinHe was a renowned latin author of his time.
winningThe winning author was thrilled to receive the award.
classicalThe classical author's works have inspired generations of readers.
giftedThe gifted author's words flowed effortlessly from their pen.
femaleThe female author has won numerous awards for her writing.
illustriousThe illustrious author's captivating prose captivated the audience.
omniscientThe omniscient author watched as the story unfolded, its characters unaware of their puppeteer's control.
russianThe famous russian author wrote many novels.
nobleThe noble author was awarded with a prestigious prize for his profound contribution to literature.
juniorA junior author is a person who has made a significant contribution to a research paper, but is not the senior author.
italianUmberto Eco was an Italian author philosopher, and semiotician.
notedThe noted author gave a moving lecture.
talentedThe talented author's wordsmithing skills were evident in every sentence.
spanishThe spanish author took out his notebook.
intelligentThe intelligent author wrote a thought-provoking book.
accomplishedThe accomplished author praised the young writer's talent.
maleThe male author was well-known for his controversial work.
biblicalThe biblical author of the Book of Genesis is traditionally believed to be Moses.
correspondingThe corresponding author can be reached at [email protected]
renownedThe renowned author's latest novel was met with critical acclaim.
romanThe Roman author Cicero wrote extensively on the nature of rhetoric.
corporateThe main corporate author of this book is Oxford University Press
probableJohn Smith is the probable author of the manuscript.
voluminousThe voluminous author has written so many books that he has his own library.

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