Adjectives for Authors

Adjectives For Authors

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing authors, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of literature and creativity, the word 'authors' can be nuanced with descriptors such as other, many, several, various, different, and most, each carrying its own weight and implications. Describing authors with these adjectives can reflect on their diversity, abundance, or distinct characteristics within the literary community. For instance, 'various authors' may suggest a range of perspectives and styles, while 'most authors' could imply a general consensus or a prevalent trend among them. Understanding the subtle differences in how we describe authors can offer insights into the vast landscape of literature and its creators. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring to life the myriad facets of authors listed below.
otherThe novel was praised by other authors and critics.
manyMany authors have contributed to the field of artificial intelligence.
severalThe book was published by several authors
variousThe book contained essays by various authors
differentDifferent authors have interpreted the same events in very different ways.
mostMost authors are passionate about writing.
ancientAncient authors showed great respect for tradition.
americanAmerican authors have contributed significantly to world literature.
classicalClassical authors often wrote about the importance of virtue.
greekThe Greek authors have written many epics and plays.
individualThe anthology is a compilation of works by individual authors
modernMany modern authors are turning to self-publishing to reach their audiences.
englishEnglish authors are renowned worldwide for their literary brilliance.
bestThe best authors inspire us to think, dream, and create.
presentThe present authors aim to provide a comprehensive review of the literature on this topic.
contemporaryI enjoy reading contemporary authors such as Zadie Smith and Colson Whitehead.
latinI have read many books by Latin authors
frenchFamous french authors include Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Albert Camus.
numerousNumerous authors have explored this topic in great detail.
favoriteMy favorite authors include Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and J.R.R. Tolkien.
britishI love reading books by British authors
germanGerman authors penned many important works throughout history.
originalThe original authors of the book are unknown.
latterThe latter authors complicated their arguments with further qualifiers.
earlier'Earlier authors,' he said, 'had insisted on a careful study of the ancient evidence'
timeThe time authors have to write is limited.
classicI enjoy reading classic authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.
previousPrevious authors have covered this topic extensively.
popularPopular authors include Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and James Patterson.
romanRoman authors had great admiration for Homer's work.
laterLater authors like Virgil and Horace further developed the genre with the help of Roman themes and mythology.
famousFamous authors often inspire aspiring writers.
favouriteI couldn't resist buying the latest books by all my favourite authors
knownThe library had books from different known authors
christianChristian authors have made significant contributions to the literary world.
centuryThe century authors were known for their prolific writings.
aboveThe above authors studied the relationship between sleep and memory.
maleAll the male authors were present at the event.
femaleFemale authors have made significant contributions to literature over the centuries.
principalThe principal authors are responsible for all stages of writing.
respectiveThe respective authors can be contacted for further information.
biblicalMany biblical authors were eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
eminentEminent authors have often written about the importance of reading.
russianThe remarkable works of Russian authors continue to inspire readers around the globe.
standardThe standard authors of literary theory offer a range of perspectives.
jointThe research paper was written by joint authors
distinguishedThe distinguished authors gathered at the conference to discuss their latest works.
olderThe older authors had a lot of experience to share.
medievalMedieval authors often used allegory to convey moral or religious lessons.
literaryLiterary authors often explore complex themes in their work.
sovietIn the 1920s, many soviet authors began to experiment with new literary forms.
subsequentThe book's subsequent authors added extra information.
italianThose Italian authors are very famous.
dramaticThe dramatic authors were very talented and creative.
prominentThe conference featured prominent authors from around the world.
celebratedMany celebrated authors have graced the literary world with their timeless works.
spanishThe Spanish authors have written many great works of literature.
unknownThe unknown authors of the manuscript have not yet been identified.
learnedI've learned a lot from some learned authors
paganPagan authors have contributed significantly to our understanding of the ancient world.
africanThe African authors Association is a group of established African authors who support the development of literature on the continent.
canadianCanadian authors have made significant contributions to literature in a range of genres.
anonymousThe anonymous authors of the Federalist Papers wrote under the pseudonym 'Publius'.

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